Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pin It Party - Take 2

Remember the last Pin It Party? Fun idea, right? Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean is hosting another one! So today, I'm highlighting a few workouts and recipes that I've posted and think are super pinnable. Let me know in the comments if you're playing along and link me to your Pin It Party post!

I just posted this workout yesterday! I think it's an awesome hot weather cardio alternative when you're stuck in the gym. 

I love these cookies. They're incredibly tasty, and they're dairy-free! There's even an option to make them vegan. And don't let the image fool you, they can be made any time, not just for Christmas!

I'm all about simple workouts when I'm working out on my own, and this one is super straightforward. 20 reps of four exercises. Repeat for five times total. Finish with a plank. BOOM! 

Now that summer is finally here, I'm all about the cold breakfasts in the morning. Enter: smoothies! Plus, I also love getting some greens in first thing in the morning -- it just makes me feel like I'm on the path to healthiness for the whole day!

Ok, so this one isn't so simple, but it's also an awesomely tough workout that leaves you sweating like crazy. Do one to three rounds, which will range from 15-45 minutes.