Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Workout: Basic Body Cardio Circuit

I have a fun workout to share with y'all today! Yesterday was incredibly beautiful -- sunny but mild, with a non-humid high of 79 degrees. I was mostly stuck indoors studying, but took 45 minutes around lunchtime to walk Mason and enjoy the sun, and another 45 minutes later on to run 4 miles in Central Park. Others had the same idea, since the main loop was packed!

Today looks to be equally gorgeous, which is fitting since it's National Running Day! In honor of that, maybe check out Jess's AMAZING recap of the tough San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon where she BQ'd!! Jess is going to be run coaching me through marathon training this summer and I am so excited to work with her. (Also, if you can, go for a run for National Running Day!)

Mason's squinting, maybe he needs sunglasses?
I hate being cooped up in my apartment all day studying, but also don't want to waste the 30 minutes each way to walk to school and watch a video lecture just so I can "get out of the house." I need that time for my three essentials: workouts, making dinner, and relaxing a bit with Sourabh when he gets home from his summer internship!

There are too many kinds of insurance in NY...

To remedy my stir-craziness, I watched yesterday's lecture at my apartment then went to an awesome new coffee shop near me, Birch Coffee, to review notes and take practice questions. I really like Birch's coffee, salads, and baked goods. It's a great place to do work and break up the study monotony!

Basic Body Cardio Circuit!

At the end of last week, it was in the high 90s and being outside was brutal. I am a total baby about humidity and if I don't have to work out outside, I won't when it's that hot and humid. Instead, I turn to the gym to get my cardio done in an air conditioned environment.

My building has a very basic gym, but it's enough to get the job done, so I ran on the treadmill during the heat wave last week, except for the extremely sweaty fun run with the Oiselle, nuun, and Picky Bars ambassadors on Saturday.

I put together this basic full-body workout for Sourabh and me to complete together the next time the temperature spikes. Yes, he's now working out, which I'm super psyched about! I love to share the sweat love (but not share sweat, obviously. That's gross). 

Since he's new to working out, I want workouts to be effective but manageable. The following workout will take you 45 minutes at most, assuming you take a few breathers, so it's efficient! Plus, the cardio + strength combination is extra metabolism-boosting. 

If you can't do 25 regular push-ups, drop to modified at the last possible point. Go for at least 10 regular push-ups if possible! They're tough, but as a lady, it's kind of awesome to be able to knock out a round of real push-ups, so I highly recommend working on them :)

For added difficulty on the squats, grab a 10-20 pound weight and hold with both hands while squatting!

PS: yesterday was Hug Your Cat day! Thankfully, I was made aware of this highly important holiday early on by Sourabh and took care of my feline parental duties. I'm pretty sure you can take care of this today, as well.

Old photo, but basically what happened.

PPS: Pro Compression's neon compression socks are 40% off this month with the code NEON! I love the pink compression socks I have from them and ordered a pair of neon green for marathon training and recovery this summer.

How do you work out when it gets crazy hot? Run outdoors or head inside?


  1. When it's super hot I get my butt up SUPER early before it's unbearable!!! Good luck studying, lady! :)

  2. I love the picture of you and Mason. (Even if he didn't stop barking at me!) My Central Park run on Saturday was h-o-t and humid--at six a.m.! Maybe I need to start waking up earlier? ;)

  3. Thanks for the workout idea- I get bored often and need to be switching things up and this does just that!