Friday, June 7, 2013

Cat Quirks

Today there's double of me! I'm posting over at The Well, the awesome blog of my trainer, Amanda, about FOMO (the fear of missing out) and racing!

This post has nothing to do with health or fitness or running. No, it has to do with cats. My cats.

My cats are weird.

I think cats overall fall into the more "eccentric" realm of the animal "crazy" spectrum. However, I'm pretty sure mine are extra ... special.

For example, their food bowl area is a huge mess. Why?

They pick up a piece with their mouth and move away from the food bowl to chew it. If it falls out of their mouth, they don't just pick it up and finish chewing. They leave it and go for another piece. And if their bowl is partially empty, they will meow loudly and bother you until it is full, regardless of how much food is surrounding the bowl. If the food isn't in the bowl, they won't eat it.

They also are obsessed with luggage and backpacks. If a backpack ends up on the floor or table, they will immediately nestle onto it, covering it with their luxurious coats of impossible-to-keep-off-everything fur.

And when we have guests and luggage is out? We have to warn them not to leave their luggage on its side or else it will leave our apartment covered in cat hair.

"Oh, this is your backpack? I'm just going to sit on it and get it completely hairy." 

She is straight up laughing at us with this pose. "I will fur up your luggage like WOAH." *evil cackle*

I mean... come ON, cats!

I would also like to point out that darling Betty (the "large" one) was labeled "short-haired." Rescue organization, why must you lie to us???

Of course, Mason isn't much better. Have you seen the way he sleeps??


Do you have any pets? Are they completely ridiculous and crazy?


  1. Mason and I didn't really get off on the right foot, did we? ;) My family's greyhound Zelda definitely has some quirks. Lately, she's been sneaking into the guest room or my parent's bedroom when she thinks no one is looking and jumping onto the beds. Apparently, "her couch" (yes, she has her own) in the living room doesn't cut it anymore.

  2. My cats are the worst. Our luggage (and everything else) is covered in hair and has been used as a scratching post. They don't make a huge mess around their food bowl although they drag the dry food bowl all over the kitchen floor because one of them sticks her paw in to pull one piece out at a time if the other is eating there. Cats are so weird.