Here are a few resources for fellow runners. If you have a great app, website or blog post that you think should be included, leave a comment or shoot me an email!

I also save a lot of helpful articles, workouts, recipes, etc. on my Pinterest page.

Yoga Flow for Runners
HIIT Bootcamp Workout
Lifting Workouts for Runners
How to Save on Fitness Classes
Dynamic Warm-up Routine

McMillan Running Calculator (for figuring out paces)
Competitor Magazine (so much great information on this site)
Jasyoga ($4.99/month yoga video streaming; I'm a fan because the videos are mostly runner-focused recovery flows and many are under 20 minutes)
Running Warehouse (yayy discounts)
Half (for finding half marathons)
Running in the USA (for finding races of all distances)
Runners Connect (love their podcasts and their resources page with helpful calculators)

Fitness Apps
Nike Training Club
Yoga Studio

The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition by Matt Fitzgerald
Yoga: The Art of Balance, A Practical Guide to Yoga by my dad (!)
The Athlete's Guide to Recovery by Sage Rountree
The Science of Running by Steve Magness

Saucony Kinvaras (I LOVE THIS SHOE. But please note: I haven't tried the 5 or 6 series; I buy the 4's on discount)
Oiselle Distance Shorts (I'm a fan because these have ALL the pockets)
Nike Tank Tops (These are really simple but incredibly versatile and light, no matter how much you sweat.)
Alternative Apparel's Zip-Up Hoodie (This is the softest, most awesome sweatshirt ever, and I love it for pre- and post-run. And also just all the time.)
Injinji Toe Socks (They look ridiculous, I grant you that, but I rarely get blisters and haven't lost a toenail since I started wearing these)
Sparkly Soul Headbands (I hate stray hairs getting in my face when I sweat and no other headband I've tried has stayed on my head like these. Plus, there is a color/print for everyone.)

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