Monday, August 26, 2013

Workout Recap and Weekly Goals: Dress Shopping and Tough Workouts

Hi all!

I only have two more days with my family before I head out on my road trip! My eight days at home have gone so quickly, but I get another eight days with my family after the road trip.

On Friday, I got in those mile repeats I was so afraid of, and yes they were difficult, but I also felt SO strong when I finished them. Each time I felt like my legs were about to give out at the end and each time I pushed through. Fighting through that feeling in speed work is such a confidence booster!

Saturday started with my dad's yoga class, followed by a tasty lunch at Dashi Noodle Bar, and then a very special and important appointment -- wedding dress shopping for my sister, Priyanka! She looked absolutely gorgeous, with each dress looking even more stunning on her than the previous one. She may have found "the one," but we all agreed that she should still visit another shop that she'd made an appointment with, just to be totally sure.

Obviously this wasn't "the one"! But doesn't she look lovely? She's going to be the most beautiful bride next year!!!

In comparison to wedding dress shopping, Sunday was pretty boring, but still nice. After our Sunday morning family breakfast (half an almond waffle and scrambled eggs for me), I got in my "long" run (7.33 miles since it's a cutback week) and participated in a bit of my dad's yoga teacher training.

It was great to see how my dad teaches would-be yoga teachers, versus teaching a normal class, and to sit in on my mom's anatomy lecture. She's a physical therapist's assistant, so she's been going over muscles with the trainees. As luck would have it, she was going over leg muscles! I may ask her to write a post on the leg muscles at some point, since I think it's useful information for any runner.

So, let's get on to the actual running!

Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 10

Here was what Coach Jess assigned me last week:
√ 3 mile recovery run
√ 3 strength workouts (2 classes, 1 mini workout)
- 2 yoga classes
√ cutback week long run (8 miles)
√ tempo intervals (5 miles total)
√ mid-distance run (8 miles)

Jess had assigned me one yoga class and one rest/yoga day, so I didn't feel bad making my rest day a full rest day on Thursday, although it was supposed to be Saturday. My mom's surgery was Thursday, though, and I wasn't able to get in my assigned workout that day so I had to switch around the schedule a bit.

Monday: 3 mile recovery run (29:38) on treadmill.

I love getting in a workout before I fly somewhere. It just makes me feel crazy efficient to know that I worked out AND flew around the country all in one day. Less impressive when it's 3 miles on a treadmill and just flying from LA to Seattle, but I still felt awesome.

Tuesday: 1 hour and 20 minute hike up Tabletop Mountain with my dad.

Hiked up mountain with my dad! 3 miles round trip, 560 ft elevation gain over 1.5 miles at 5700 ft high. I didn't feel like I was working super hard, despite a bit of barre-like burn, but just like with a barre class, my legs felt a bit jelly-like at the end!

Wednesday: 8 miles at moderate pace (1:20:30) around Birch Bay.

8 miles at 10:04 average. "Moderate pace" felt slower as I went along, so I tried to listen to my body without concentrating too much on the numbers. Probably in part because I went out around midday without having eaten lunch (yes, mistake, I know). I was really ready to be done by the last couple miles so picked up the pace then... probably a bit too much?

Splits: (1) 9:49, (2) 9:58, (3) 10:20, (4) 10:22, (5) 10:13, (6) 10:33, (7) 10:16, (8) 8:56

Thursday: Rest day. Walked 3 miles with my friend Anna and saw this beautiful sunset.

Friday: (1) 3 x 1600's (AKA mile repeats) in and around Lynden Park. (2) 60 minute Physique 57 online workout.

Jess's directions said to go at a pace that felt harder than last week's tempo miles but easier than 800s. I wasn't sure if I was going too fast, but Jess confirmed that this was the right pace. I felt slightly nauseous during the last one... so I think I was doing it right? Did these around noon and fueled with half a picky bar beforehand, then drank a Starbucks chocolate milk carton immediately after and ate lunch to refuel.

w/u - 10:49
(1) 8:19, (2) 8:12, (3) 8:16
c/d - 11:38

I also did a 60 minute online Physique 57 workout, which felt harder than the mixed class I took in LA recently! Highly recommend the workout. Since it's only $7, it's a huge savings over a live class. 

Saturday: 75 minute yoga class.

Oops, no picture! Took my dad's Saturday morning yoga class. I felt really strong in class, despite the mile repeats the day before, which made me happy. However, my balance was totally off, and all the balance poses ended in me nearly falling onto other students' mats! Maybe I was tired...?

Sunday: (1) 7.33 mile cutback week long run (1:16:35) on South Bay Path in Bellingham. (2) 30 min mini yoga/strength workout.

This run was supposed to be 8 miles, but I left late and had to cut it short or risk missing most of my dad's yoga teacher training. I honestly didn't have any reason to leave late, I just had a hard time getting my shit together and getting out of the house! One nice thing about starting on my road trip is that I will have to run or work out first thing in the morning or likely won't get in my assigned workout. And that's simply not an option for me, so I know I'll get it done.

Anyway, it was actually a fantastic run! Coach Jess wants me to focus on getting my long run pace a bit faster, as long as it still feels pretty easy, and as luck would have it, mid-10's felt totally easy on Sunday. It might have been the total lack of humidity, the breezy low 70's temperatures, or the lovely trails, but I had a great run. It's crazy that going out for an 8 mile run feels like nothing now! Marathon training is so weird.

Splits - (1) 10:20, (2) 9:50 - big downhill, (3) 10:43 - big uphill, (4) 10:32, (5) 10:29 - big downhill, (6) 10:49 - big uphill, (7) 10:39, (.33) 3:12 (9:34 pace)

Finished Sunday with a 30 minute strength yoga practice (lots of warrior poses, push-ups, planks and side planks) followed by 15 push-ups and a 1 minute plank. As opposed to Saturday, where I felt really strong in yoga, I felt extremely exhausted doing this. Today's mile repeats should be interesting!

Total Mileage = 23.33

Next week's training schedule

It seems we've entered the phase of marathon training where each week's assigned workouts scare me a little a lot. Bring it on! As much as I get nervous about a tough week of training, I love the feeling of knowing you absolutely killed that week's workouts. Hopefully I'll have that feeling a week from now!

This is what Coach Jess has me doing this week:

• 4 x 1600 (Mile repeats. Yes. Again. Ahh x 2?)
• Middle distance run (9 miles)
• Strength workout + 1 mini core workout
• Shakeout run (3 miles)
• Long run (18 miles)
• Yoga class

I also have to concentrate on stretching and foam rolling a lot since I'll be driving so much over the next 3.5 weeks!

How was your weekend? If you're training for a fall race, has training ramped up for you yet? Do you like mile repeats?


  1. Your sister looks beautiful--I love that dress! Last week was a step back one for me as well, so I'm ready to get after it; only eight more weeks of training!

  2. I like mile repeats! It makes me feel so strong when I'm done! And I love love love your pictures. I can't believe there's just 2 months left until our marathons!