Friday, August 23, 2013

Motivation Issues and Beautiful Sunsets

Hi guys!

What's up in your neck of the woods? (What on earth is a "neck" of the woods, by the way? Apparently a "neck" is a narrow stretch of land, but what about those of us who are apartment dwellers and don't even own land? Should it be your rented neck of the woods? Moving on...)

My mom's minor surgical procedure went smoothly -- super smoothly, in fact. We thought it'd take a couple of hours, but only 1.5 hours after dropping her off, I received the call to pick her up! She got plenty of rest yesterday and is walking around the house without any issues today.

Drumming up motivation for training is a lot harder when I don't have any schedule or people to meet for a workout. I know, I know, #firstworldproblems. All my working friends are cursing me right now. But there's something to be said for having to get a workout done before you go to work or start studying for the bar. Or at least, having to meet a friend who has to get to work!

I'm getting in my assigned training, it just feels harder to get off my ass and get it done. If I were just traveling for a week I wouldn't worry, but since I'm essentially on a six week trip, I need to keep my training momentum going. Would love any tips on motivating yourself when you don't have a schedule!

Beautiful Bellingham Bay
And now, some sunset pictures from my lovely walk-and-talk around Bellingham Bay with my elementary school friend, Anna. I love walking around Bellingham Bay -- there's a great path from Boulevard Park to Fairhaven, which is a cute historical area of Bellingham. The Ragnar Northwest Passage uses this trail, by the way!

If you're curious about why I include random details, it's because I'm secretly hoping everyone who reads my blog will see these pictures and plan summer vacations to Washington. Clearly I need to try to get paid by the Washington Tourism Alliance or something...

Anna and I were lucky enough to get a gorgeous sunset as we caught up, and neither of us could resist taking multiple pictures. Enjoy :)

How do you motivate yourself when on vacation? Are you a fan of walk-and-talks?


  1. I am seriously so jealous right now. Those views! Enjoy!!!

  2. Wow! Those are breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  3. I "schedule" my runs. I may not have a schedule but as long as I set a time I HAVE to be out the door it helps immensely.

  4. Uh, yeah--I so want to go to Washington. What helps me stay motivated and accountable during training is working out right after I wake up. I'm a morning person, so it's the perfect way to start the day. And plus, I have my coaches and teammates counting on me to come to practice. ;) Basically, just scheduling workouts and planning to meet others are my two biggest tips, but you do that already. :)