Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Update!

Here were my goals for last week.
  1. Get in three runs: one long distance, one interval run, one easy mind-clearing jog around the Reservoir
  2. Three strength work outs: one full body, one lower body, one upper body. All with cardio intervals (and no slacking on the intervals)
  3. Try a new exercise class (which can be a full body workout)
  4. Fit in yoga because my body needs it!
  5. Finally, keep up the healthy eating, feeding my body with the foods that make it feel its best.

Well, as I wrote on Friday... this week was rough. Tons of work commitments and events meant that I had a hard time completing this week's goals, but I'll I'll break down each one:

1. I did get in a long distance run and an interval run. The longer run was my longest run ever! I ran 6 miles around Central Park in 57:00 minutes. I was really pleased with it. I ran on Saturday evening, which was in the low 70s -- best running weather in a long, long time. No easy jog around the Reservoir, but 

2. I got in one full body workout and one upper body/core workout. Not the best, but I was happy to be getting in the strength training. It's always shocking to me how quickly my body loses strength when I stop pushing it!

3. Try a new exercise class? Yeahhh, again, this one was a failure. It was all I could do to get outside and run or get up to the gym in my building. Making it to a class just didn't happen. Really going to try to fit in a class next weekend.

4. Again, yoga didn't happen. When I have a hard time fitting in running and strength training, yoga is the last thing on my mind. But that's terrible! I need to work on making it a priority.

5. I'm proud of this one! I ate very healthy all week, especially considering how many work events I had. It can be so hard to eat well at a cocktail reception or a lunch, but I was able to make almost all good choices this week. I also found ways to enjoy myself while staying healthy. Definitely pleased with the food side of things.

Ok, so some good and some bad (mostly bad on the exercise front, but like I wrote Friday -- one week won't kill me!). I'm about to post my goals for this week. Going to really work hard to make them happen!
balance in my life -- what I need to remember!

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