Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Short Intense Interval Workout

Yesterday, I didn't have much time to fit in a workout, but I wanted to get something good in anyway. Here's what I ended up doing. This works out your entire body (upper body, core, and lower body) while getting in a good calorie burn through the cardio intervals. If you have more time, repeat the cardio intervals and strength set a third time!

Pro Tip: if you don't take any breaks between sets, you get done faster and also rev up your metabolism more by keeping your heart rate up!

For me, that's walking at between 4-4.5 MPH. As I've noted before, all speeds are for my 5'9" frame. Figure out what a "power walk," "jog," "run," and "sprint" are for yourself.

(2) CARDIO  INTERVALS - 5 minutes
Sprint @ 8 MPH for 1 minute
Jog @ 6 MPH for 1 minute
>> Alternate for 5 minutes (so you do three 8 MPH minutes and two 6 MPH)

Squats - x25
Tip 1: keep your back straight and your weight in your heels and sit as far back as you can without falling over
Tip 2: for added difficulty, hold a medicine ball like a ballerina (arms curved)

Push Ups - x25
Tip 1: if you can't do 25 push ups -- do as many as you possibly can in the regular position, then let your knees touch the ground (making sure that your body is a straight line from your head to your knees) for as many modified push ups as you can do
Tip 2: some great ways to perfect your push up form are here.

Plank - hold for 1 minute
You have two options:

Option 1
Tip: make sure your body is a straight line from head to feet
Option 2
Tip: the further apart your arms are, the more challenging the plank is

Lunges w/ shoulder press - x20 each side
Hold 8 lb weights in each hand, making "touch down" arms that go up to straight arms as you go down into your lunge.
Tip 1: make sure your front knee does not go past your front toes
Tip 2: your movement should be straight up and down, not forward or backward

Tricep Dips - x15
Tip 1: keep your body as close to the bench as possible for maximum emphasis on your triceps
Tip 2: the straighter your legs are in front of you, the harder the dip is
Tip 3: more pointers on tricep dips here.

(4) REPEAT Cardio Intervals - 5 minutes

(5) REPEAT Strength Set

It's so important to stretch as you feel things tightening during the workout. For example, the backs of my legs are super tight, so I often do leg stretches in the middle of my workout as I feel them getting too tight. And, of course, stretch at the end as well!

1: 5 minute power walk warm up
2: 5 minute cardio intervals
3: strength set
- squats x25
- push ups x25
- plank for 1 minute
- lunges w/ shoulder press x 20 each side
- tricep dips x15
4: repeat cardio intervals
5: repeat strength set
6: stretch

All pictures are from FitSugar.

Questions? Suggestions? Do you like using cardio intervals? Let me know in the comments!

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