Wednesday, July 18, 2012

links I'm loving today...

  • This is so cute! Shape has a work out I can do with my dog!!
  • Tips on sleeping well over at Health. Good to know for those of us who don't sleep well... I need to work on that Blackberry ban!
  • Self lets you know what to spend money on when it comes to work out clothes. Since I'm relatively new to committed exercise, I feel like this is extra helpful as I slowly build my exercise wardrobe.
  • In case sitting at a desk all day wasn't already unpleasant (I personally have to walk around a bit or I go crazy!), apparently it can lessen your life expectancy, too. Awesome. 
  • Easy ways to pack salads over at Eating Bird Food.
  • Greatist tells you how to know if you're dehydrated (it might not be as obvious as you think).
  • If you love road trips as much as I do, you know how difficult it can be to find a road-friendly meal (and save calories for the good stuff at your destinations!). Prevention has some great suggestions for roadside, beach, or barbecue meals.

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