Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pre-Race Day Catch-Up

Hey guys!

I sort of feel bad about not updating my blog during this training cycle, but it's been such a crappy one overall that I'm happy that every treadmill run wasn't captured. Not that I haven't put in the effort -- I really have! -- but the weather's been so miserable for most of the winter that a ton of runs have been treadmill-bound, and the ones outside have been less than stellar.

Winter gloom is not that exciting, when I actually get outside.

So... Sunday is race day! I would love to say I'm super excited but I'm not. It looks cold and I've been working so much that I'm pretty sleep deprived (I was in the office till 2:30 AM on Friday night). As I've said before, I'm not complaining... or at least not complaining much. I feel like I'm learning so much, and I'm on some interesting/complex projects that I'm enjoying. I just wish the past two weeks had been a bit heavier on sleep!

Let's just say I've been seeing a lot of this building, my work "neighbor."

Anyway, Jess put together a great training plan for me, and I tried to follow it as best I could. I am excited to push myself hard and see what I can do on Sunday. Brittany and I plan to start the race together and see how we feel. If it's "not our day," at least we'll have company!

Yay run buddy! (Who is much more photogenic, clearly.)

Brittany is actually the one part of this training cycle that has been awesome. We've done several long runs and midweek runs together and she's been a fantastic training buddy. We're roughly the same speed, but both of us tend to push the pace a bit more when we're together, so I feel like we have really "productive" runs. Oh, and yes, I like talking to her, too... kind of essential in a training buddy. (I think we've both ranted about the state of the student debt situation in America about ten times on runs.)

The Central Park Lake is thawing! Progress?

I don't expect work to be any less busy in the next few weeks, but I do think I'll have more to talk about. To start, hopefully a race recap will be up next week! I'm going on a vacation with the bestie and can't wait to soak up some California sun and stuff my face with salad and fruit. I just don't crave those things when it's freezing out, but give me summer temps and I'm all about a nice kale salad. As New York thaws out, I'm hopeful that I'll be more inspired to write about race training and exercise plans. I have a general idea of what I'll be doing post-NYC Half, but I need to flesh it out more.

How excited are you for spring??? If you're running the NYC Half, are you excited or apathetic? How has winter training been? 


  1. Have a great race tomorrow, friend! I'll be camped out around mile 9!

  2. I have been feeling very much the same way...big race plans totally derailed by work and the weather...good luck today, looking forward to reading the recap!!

  3. Aw, you've been a fantastic training buddy as well! Can't wait to not be sick anymore and run in better weather together!