Friday, February 21, 2014

No, I was not stuck in a snowdrift

Hi y'all!

Yes, I disappeared for almost three weeks. Well no I didn't actually, physically disappear. But my internet presence was greatly diminished and I haven't posted.

No, I was not buried under a snowdrift, although it wouldn't be a bad assumption.

There are a few reasons for this. First, almost all my training has consisted of treadmill runs either after dark or before sunrise (FUN!), so I don't have any pretty pictures of Central Park to share. I haven't been taking classes, I've been doing strength workouts on my own. Talking about treadmill runs and lifting weights up and down can get pretty boring and repetitive.

Second, and related to the first reason, the weather has sucked in NYC. It's been bitterly cold and snowed constantly. Hence the treadmilling. This also means that outside of my gym-bound workouts, I don't go out that much because it's so miserable outside. I hate the cold a lot, so I haven't done much other than meet up with friends for the occasional brunch/dinner or see a movie in a warm theater.

A post-10 miler frigid Central Park picture.

Related to that, I've been working a ton. Real life has certainly kicked in at this point in my legal career and I've been consistently billing 8-10 hours a day for a few weeks now. Please note that billing does not mean working; you can't bill for time taken to eat lunch or watch a YouTube video (not that I ever do that...). So in reality those days are more like 11-12 hour days. It doesn't leave much time for fun adventures to share.

I'm absolutely not complaining -- I am incredibly lucky to be employed at a pretty awesome law firm, but that's the reality of corporate law. You work a ton. I'm just happy I've been able to fit most of my workouts in!

Finally, I have some things happening in my personal life that are not blog material. Don't worry, Sourabh, Mason and my fatty kitties are all fine. I just would hate to write a sunshiney post when I'm not feeling sunshiney since that feels so inauthentic.

Let's lighten things up with some Mason! My boo and I, just chillin'.

But... it doesn't leave me with much to talk about! I plan on recapping the past three weeks of training on Monday and hopefully, after a warm-ish weekend, I'll have some non-training, fun things to share on Monday. Or I'll spend the weekend working like I did last weekend, but either way, training recapping will happen.

P.S. I've spent the past four days doing a raw vegan food cleanse from Gingersnap's. I've altered it a bit (so sorry, so addicted, could not remove coffee from my diet), but have largely stuck to it. It's been a cool experience. And by cool I mean OMG GET ME HOT FOOD ASAP. Would any of y'all be interested in hearing more?


  1. Totally get everything you are saying, the working a lot, things that you don't want to share with the blog world and the cold. Glad to hear from you though!
    For the record - I would love to hear about the cleanse. I'm in a current juicing obsession and Juice Press is getting the majority of my funds so am interested in your Gingersnap experience!

  2. You're alive! I'm totally with you in terms of real adult life kicking in and taking no prisoners; it's been a busy, busy month. Ugh, and this weather. Boo. That's all.

  3. yes, tell us about the raw food cleanse

    also i've been outdoor running through this weather, but always in fear of potentially falling and breaking my ankle. fun.