Monday, October 7, 2013

Workout Recap and Weekly Goals: Taper Week

Hi all!

So... the big week has arrived! Sunday morning I'll be toeing the line of my first marathon. And if all goes well, I *should* be a marathoner by 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Knock on wood (no, please, go knock on some wood for me).

Last week was both the start of "official" taper (as opposed to injury-induced low mileage) and the start of work, which coincided nicely. I also felt like I was fighting off some vague illness all week, so I tried to get as much sleep as possible and eat a lot of citrus and ginger.

OH and I saw Gravity this weekend. It was totally incredible, both in terms of acting and special effects. I was literally shaky as I left the theater because I'd been so on edge the entire time. Sandra Bullock is phenomenal and the movie's just a testament to how great special effects can coincide with great filmmaking. If you can see it in IMAX, definitely do that.

On to the training!

Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 16

I'm keeping this recap short and sweet. I'll have plenty to say after next Sunday, after all! And I plan on recapping my thoughts on this training cycle later this week, before the marathon.

I started tapering last week -- cutting down mileage and intensity of workouts in preparation for the marathon -- but since I'd already sort of been tapering due to my hamstring strain, I didn't feel weird. It just felt like the previous week! In a way, that's been good -- I haven't felt the "taper crazies" at all. We'll see how I feel in the coming week!

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 30 minutes cycling + 20 minutes core/arms work.

Wednesday: Sadly aborted easy run due to hamstring pain. 3.18 miles around the Reservoir.

Splits -- (1) 10:52, (2) 11:12, (3) 11:40, (.18) 12:06 <-- you can see the pain kicking in

Thursday: Rest day to try to ease up on the hamstring.

Friday: 6 miles around the Reservoir (1:02:34).

Workout was supposed to be two warm-up miles, one mile at half marathon pace, one easy, one at half marathon pace, and a cool down mile. But my hamstring pain kicked in when I tried to bring the speed up a notch, so I had to settle for "speedier" miles.

Splits -- (1) 10:50, (2) 10:38, (3) 9:44, (4) 10:55, (5) 9:43, (6) 10:43.

Saturday: 45 minute Flywheel class.

Terrific class with Danielle. I wasn't supposed to spin at anything above "moderate," so I didn't... and I still hit my highest power number ever! That was a pretty exciting confidence boost.

Sunday: 7 mile "long run" around the Reservoir and in Riverside Park (1:13:22) + 5 minute of core work.

Horrendous weather (humid, misty, grey) plus a killer headache that refused to go away and a stomachache = stopped at 7 miles. If the marathon weren't a week away, I would have kept going, but I've felt like I'm getting sick all week so my number one priority is to stay healthy through Sunday. By mile 6, I had to start stopping every quarter mile because I felt sick to my stomach, so I decided to call it quits at mile 7.

Goal was 4 easy miles and 6 marathon paced miles. Pre-hamstring injury, my goal pace was 10:00ish, so that's what I went for. The good news? No hamstring pain!!

Splits -- (1) 11:02, (2) 11:09, (3) 10:36, (4) 10:40, (5) 10:04, (6) 9:55, (7) 9:55

Next Week's Training Schedule

This week is all about the R&R: rest and recovery! I want my body to be as strong as possible come Sunday. So, here's what Coach Jess has me doing:

• 2 easy runs (4 miles and 45 minutes)
• 1 easy spin
• 1 shakeout run (20 minutes) + 5 strides
• 1 marathon (no big deal)


  1. Woohoo for race week! We can be taper buddies together. ;) I've reached the point in the training cycle where I'm looking forward to the taper--I'm all for less-intense workouts right about now. Hydrate, rest up, and get excited, you soon-to-be marathoner! :)

    1. So excited to see how you've matured as a runner after triathlete training come the half marathon this weekend! I have a feeling you're going to rock it :)

  2. Jen! So excited for you to run Chicago!!! Sorry, you're hamstring is still being wonky :(

    Rest up this week and get excited!