Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Favorites: First Week of Work

Hi all!

It's Fridayyy!

I think I'll actually be free this weekend, since work is coming in slowly. I was so prepared to hit the ground running that I'm cherishing every evening I can leave a bit early (and by that I mean around 7:00). Weekend plans include a Flywheel class, a "short" long run of 10 miles, and seeing Gravity.

Since I don't have much happening besides the new job and training, I figured I'd share some of my favorite things right now.


Since I'm officially on the morning workout train, I've been enjoying sunrises this week. Well, enjoy might be a strong word since I'm not conscious enough to have any real feelings. But some part of my brain says "that's nice." And then later I look at the picture of the sunrise that I took and enjoy it.

Egg Sandwiches

I don't know when my love of these came back, but I'm officially obsessed with egg sandwiches. I used to have one every morning during my senior year of undergrad, but then stopped. I started making them at home -- an Ezekiel English muffin with a fried egg and half a slice of cheese -- but then realized I could get them at work with a whole wheat english muffin for only $1.50. This is totally reason for me to go without breakfast until I get to work at 9:30.

Grand Central Station

In order to get to my office, I have to go through both Times Square Station and Grand Central Station. The difference is enormous. While Times Square is a dirty, underground, awful place to walk through -- where I keep my head down and turn up my music and try to block out the world -- you emerge from the subway into Grand Central Station and get to see a beautiful Beaux Arts structure. It's a nice way to start my workday, even if the place is crowded.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the ceiling is in the color family of my favorite color, mint green.


I mentioned this in my workout recap on Monday, but I have to give podcasts a special shout out. Not only have I been listening to Nerdist podcasts on long runs, I'm listening to them during my commute. I really like how conversational and funny these podcasts are.

I'm saving a few with particularly funny/cool people for the Chicago Marathon which is in, gulp, less than ten days!

Do you have any fun weekend plans? What are your Friday Favorites?


  1. I, too, will be tackling a "long" (for me) run soon--10 miles on the docket. ;) It's funny how marathon training changes your perspective, right? And speaking of running, I've been logging more and more miles in Central Park. We usually do a few loops around the Reservoir on Wednesday, which is a nice change of scenery ... and surface too.

  2. My plans totally did NOT include being in the office at 8am on a Saturday but alas here I am today! I have 10 today (4am just was NOT happening) probably down the west side since I am in the city for work! then a 6 miler tomorrow then easy week ahead before marathon! and having a holy sh*t moment realizing I will be almost half way through come this time next week!!! ONE WEEK TIL WE ROCK MARATHONS!!! :)

  3. I absolutely love the sunrise picture, I can definitely appreciate it more once I've fully woken up lol.