Monday, August 19, 2013

Workout Recap and Weekly Goals: LA Adventures

Hi guys!

I spent the past four days exploring Los Angeles and Orange County. The weather is incredible -- 85 degrees feels pleasant when it's not humid!

While Sourabh interviewed at firms, I got to explore a bit and work out -- my favorite combination, obviously. We also got to hang out with my cousin Julia and her husband, Patrick, which has been awesome. I hadn't seen them in over three years!

On Thursday, I spent half the day acting as chauffeur for Sourabh who had to get around the city for his interviews. I spent the afternoon walking through Beverly Hills and taking a class at Physique 57 LA, which was a ton of fun. I'd forgotten how quickly those classes fly by!

By the way, apparently Beverly Hills takes their juice bars seriously. There was a juice ATM in front of one of the stores!

Of course, there was also a cupcake ATM nearby, so clearly the residents of Beverly Hills appreciate balance ;)

Friday we were in Orange County for Sourabh's interview, so I met up with Monica from Run Eat Repeat and logged a tempo run while chatting away. While running with someone for a tempo run definitely makes it harder for me, it also makes the time fly by so I dread the workouts a lot less.

Friday afternoon I checked out the beautiful beach at Corona Del Mar.

I missed the ocean so much! I know it exists on the east coast, believe me -- there's this thing called the Atlantic Ocean -- but the Pacific coastline is so rugged that it feels totally different to me.

Absolutely gorgeous, right?

By the way, people in LA really love their valet parking. Check out the IHOP valet parking I spotted...

We headed back to LA on Friday night and spent Saturday with my cousin. We had breakfast at the Farmer's Market in the Grove, tacos for lunch, and a delicious dinner at Luna Park in West Hollywood. I guess you could say I was fueling for Sunday's long run...?

Sunday was spent long running and relaxing with Julia and Patrick. We were all exhausted and wanted nothing more than to order delivery and hang out on the couch! It was a great weekend -- it was so good to catch up with family and explore LA!

Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 9

Um, I'm officially in the second half of marathon training. More than half done? Eek! Of course, the second half is the toughest because that's when the mileage gets highest. But so far I've really been enjoying this process and am excited for the next 8 weeks!

Here was what Coach Jess assigned me for last week:
√ 1 yoga practice
√ 1 tempo run (60 minutes)
√ 1 easy run (75 minutes)
√ 2 strength workouts (Uplift and Physique 57)
√ 1 long run (18 miles!)

How'd it all go?

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 50 minute STRENGTH class at Uplift Studios with Theodora.

[old Uplift picture because I forgot to take a picture for this workout]
Shannon was teaching this class and made sure it was tough since it was my birthday. There were multiple moments, especially during the tabata intervals, when Theodora and I looked at each other with "holy crap this is hard" expressions on our faces. 

Wednesday: 75 minutes easy run (7.00 miles) with Laura.

I ran down Riverside Park to meet up with Laura for 30 minutes to say good bye since I was flying out to LA that afternoon. Neither of us were feeling great so it was good to have company! Headed up to Columbia to run a couple errands before finishing with the final mile / ten minutes back to my place.

1:15:57 for 7 miles and 10:51 average pace.

Thursday: 60 minute Physique 57 Mixed class in Beverly Hills.

I hadn't taken a Physique in months, so it was fun to get back in to the studio and pulse at the barre. I'd forgotten how quickly the classes go by! They really do a great job of keeping class moving by switching things up. I took a class taught by Chloe, who was fantastic. She adjusted everyone and would move around the room a lot so that you didn't feel like you could slack.

Friday: 60 minute tempo run (6.55 miles) with Monica.

When I knew I'd be in Orange County on Friday, I reached out to Monica, who I had briefly met at Fitness Magazine's Meet & Tweet in May. We met up for my tempo run and I got to check out one of the OC trails.

w/u ~9:15
(1) 8:52, (2) 9:00, (3) 9:05, (4) 9:09, (.44) 8:48 pace
c/d - 9:49

Saturday: 30 minute yoga practice.

Sunday: 18 mile long run in West Hollywood and Griffith Park.

Sourabh was going to accompany me during the run so I ran 5 miles in West Hollywood while waiting for him to finish his law review assignment. Once he'd finished, we headed to Griffith Park for my final 13 miles. Unfortunately my Garmin died at mile 14, so I don't have the splits (since I still haven't charged it, oops), but we used Sourabh's phone to measure the final 4 miles and made sure I hit the full 18.

Since it was the afternoon, it was a bit of a slog with the heat, but it was still fun to run in a new place. And... longest distance yet! 18 miles WOOT!

Total Mileage = 31.55 <--- highest mileage week ever!

This Week's Training Schedule

I'm heading back to Washington and will have lots of access to yoga classes again. Woot! Here's what Coach Jess has me doing:

• 3 mile recovery run
• 3 strength workouts (2 classes, 1 mini workout)
• 2 yoga classes
• cutback week long run (8 miles)
• tempo intervals (ahh this one looks scary!)
• mid-distance run (8 miles)

What are your workout goals this week? Does moving into the second part of a training cycle freak you out, too?


  1. What a great week of training! I love getting in runs/workouts in different cities. Makes everything so much better and a great way to explore.

    And yes, the second part of a training cycle freaked me out. It was the single digit countdown. So close!

    1. Thanks, Angela! It's true, that countdown is getting intimidating!!

  2. Wait, you're halfway done with marathon training?! Well, that flew by! You continue to blow me away with your mileage and dedication to training, especially since you're traveling. It will definitely pay off on race day!

    1. YES I know!!! Thank you... it can be really hard without a set schedule, honestly, but blogging helps me feel accountable!

  3. Beth @RxBethOnTheRunAugust 21, 2013 at 1:39 PM

    HOW did I miss this post!?! CONGRATULATIONS on 18 miles!!!! I'm doing my first one this weekend and slightly nervous. I can't believe you're half way done with training. You've been doing amazing and I KNOW the second half of training will be just as outstanding. Keep up the great, great work! I'm so proud of you!

    1. Thank you!!! It was honestly so tough but I'm hoping that the next time I run 18 miles it'll feel like nothing!

  4. Beth @RxBethOnTheRunAugust 21, 2013 at 1:43 PM

    HOW did I miss this post!?! CONGRATULATIONS on 18 miles!!!! I'm doing my first one this weekend and slightly nervous. I can't believe you're half way done with training. You've been doing amazing and I KNOW the second half of training will be just as outstanding. Keep up the great, great work! I'm so proud of you!