Monday, June 24, 2013

Workout Recap and Weekly Goals: Farmers Markets and Summer Running

Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a wonderful first weekend of summer. Although there was a lot of studying on my end, there was also a lot of relaxing and I got to enjoy the beautiful weather. It's rained quite a bit in NYC, but the rain seems to be keeping the humidity down, so I'm ok with the trade-off if it means gorgeous weekends like this one.

Sourabh and I headed to the Sunday farmers markets on the Upper West Side after my long run. We scored some cherries, berries, kale, tomatoes, asparagus, fresh fish, and some incredible local cheese. Oh, and we split a fresh-baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Why don't I go to farmers markets more often??? Clearly this is something I need to change this summer.

Also, do any of you watch Mad Men? Last night's season finale was SO good. I cannot wait for the final season. Without giving away any spoilers, I'll just say that (1) Pete Campbell's family has the worst luck with transportation and (2) I will never look at a Hershey's bar the same way. Oh and also, Bob Benson in an apron! (All of this means nothing if you don't watch the show, and I'm sorry, but last night's finale was too much fun not to mention.)

On to the workout recap and my marathon training schedule for the coming week.

Workout Recap:
Week 1 of Chicago Marathon Training

I'm changing this up a bit and tracking what was scheduled and what actually happened. Here were last week's planned workouts:

• 1 yoga class 
• 1 tempo run
• 2 easy runs (one for mileage with strides thrown in, one for time)
• 1 long run (8 miles)
• 1 Refine Method class
• 2 strength workouts (one short, one longer that I'm super excited about!)

I also had the big goal of getting more sleep. Spoiler alert: I had a perfect week of training this week and hit every workout, but I did not do well on the get more sleep goal. Doubling down on that goal this week because sleep is going to be key going forward, both for studying for the bar and training.

Monday: 60 min. yoga class with Amanda at NY Loves Yoga.

A great, tough hatha/vinyasa class that left me with new hips and a sweat-filled mat. Amanda is fabulous about taking requests, and after multiple people requested "HIPS!" she focused on opening us up.

Tuesday: 4 miles "easy" (44:29) with Heather in Central Park. (2) 30 min. strength workout

This run was so weird. I ran it at an "easy" pace, and yet it felt incredibly hard! I was running ar 6:15 AM in more humidity than we've had in a while, so I'm guessing it was that combination that made the run so hard. It was great to have Heather's company because this run would have been really hard to complete otherwise. Also logged 4 strides of 20 seconds each, which was a lot more fun, oddly enough!

For strength, completed an adapted version of the workout I posted on Tuesday (I took out the cardio since I'd just run and that humidity was hurting me): 
  • 20x push-ups
  • 20x lunges (10 each side w/ weighted medicine ball) 
  • 20x tricep dips 
  • 20x wide squats w/ 20 lb weight 
  • 20x bridge butt-lifts 
  • 1 min. plank
Repeated 3 times, with a 1.5 min. plank at the end of the third circuit.

Wednesday: (1) 5 mile tempo run in Riverside Park. (2) 10 min. run & 30 min. Nike Free Bionic strength workout.

  • 1 mi. w/u: 9:16
  • 3 mi. tempo: (1) 8:31, (2) 8:45, (3) 8:47
  • 1.28 mi. c/d: (1) 10:32, (.28) 10:46
The w/u was downhill, but I still think I went out a bit fast. I probably should have slowed my tempo miles as well since directions were 10k pace and I'm not sure I could keep the sub-9 miles up for three more miles, although in a race I probably could. It was just starting to "hurt" as I ended the tempo miles.

The strength portion of the Nike event, led by Holly Rilinger, included squats, burpees, push-ups, lunges, and a speedy-feet drill like you see football players do. Those are tough!

Thursday: Rest day. Thank goodness. My legs were done by the end of Wednesday!

Friday: 60 min. Refine Method class.

It's so weird how much I love TRX and suspension straps. Something about the insane difficulty of pulling your body weight on straps makes me adore these kind of workouts.

I'm pretty sure I saw a grown man cry in Friday's class. We used the suspension straps for chest presses, rows, and one-legged squats. Cardio intervals included sprints, jumping jacks, ice skaters, and mountain climbers. We also used the weighted pulley machines on the walls for triceps. 

I'm really curious how Refine will continue to evolve now that they've incorporated suspension straps, which I prefer to the pulley system.

Saturday: (1) 45 min. easy run in Riverside Park. (2) 60 min. outdoor yoga class with Amanda

These "easy" miles felt very difficult because my calves were tight, so the miles were sloooow but I focused on the beautiful weather and keeping my tread light.

Amanda is conducting outdoor yoga classes in her backyard and this class was heavenly. It was tough, as all Amanda yoga classes are, but I loved every second. Just when a warrior pose felt hard, a breeze came through and made things feel fine. The serenity of being outside (it was so quiet!) and finishing with savasana under a blue sky made this class feel kind of magical. So excited for the Runners' Boot Camp class we'll be hosting here!

Sunday: 8.43 mile long run (1:23:52).

I ran up Riverside Park with Julianne and it was a good run, despite a never-ending quest for a bathroom (they don't open in Riverside at 7 AM apparently). I sort of bonked at mile 6 (I probably should have fueled more). I took a shot blok at mile 6 that I couldn't quite get down until 6.5 so the last few miles were more of a slog, but having company meant I kept going and finished up sweaty and content. I was worried at how tired my legs felt, but after emailing with Coach Jess, she said that's exactly how she hoped I felt. So... success!

Splits were: (1 - downhill to RP) 9:20, (2) 9:57, (3) 10:02, (4 - paused at bathroom and forgot to pause for a second) 10:45, (5) 9:42, (6) 9:54, (7) 10:13, (8) 9:49, (.43) 9:39.

Total Mileage = 22.2 miles

My first pair of Oiselle rogas arrived on Thursday. I wanted to see how they'd hold up for a longer run, so I waited until Sunday to try them out officially (unofficially I wore them while studying all afternoon Thursday and loved them).

These shorts are SO light and SO comfortable. Actually, comfortable might be an understatement. There was no chafing whatsoever despite the humidity and they dried off quickly so I even wore them to the farmers market post-run. I need more of these for summer running stat.

Next week's training schedule:

Here are the workouts Jess assigned me this week.

• 2 yoga classes
• 2 60 min. strength workouts (an Uplift Strength class and my Runners Boot Camp)
• 2 easy runs (3 miles and 5 miles)
• 1 long run (10 miles)
• 1 recovery run (3 miles)

Outside of workouts and studying, I'm going to be concentrating again on getting more sleep. I've probably written that five thousand times on this blog, but it's something I seem to consistently need to work on.

What are your workouts for this week? Any tips on getting more sleep?


  1. Nice job completing all those workouts--you are going to rock this training cycle! The humidity has arrived, and it's making easier workouts seem difficult for me too. I rode in Central Park yesterday, and even during my warm-up loops, I found myself breathing heavily and sweating profusely--around 6a! I guess we have no choice but to adjust.

    1. Thanks, Carrie! It makes us stronger athletes, right? That's what I keep telling myself ;)

  2. The humidity is disgusting! I went to Refine for the first time in 2 months yesterday. My shoulders and legs are burning today...

    1. It's NOT an easy workout to seamlessly ease back into, but at least it makes us stronger! And yes, the humidity is horrible. My least favorite part of NYC by far!

  3. That's interesting that Refine is now doing suspension straps. I actually haven't been in forever, in part because I don't really like their pulley system at all (hate the yanking motion that I end up doing).

    1. I liked the pulley system ok, but I LOVE suspension straps so am super excited about the new inclusion!

  4. Aren't rogas just the best? I love mine! I would love to try a class that uses suspension straps, but I don't think there are any around here :( Ohio really needs to get more places for fitness classes!

    1. So fabulous!! I'm a big fan. And I'd recommend looking for TRX, it's a new trend and I'm sure a gym somewhere has to have a class. Maybe in Cleveland?

  5. The Nike class looks interesting! You had a really active week. Just like ^^^ Emily, as active as Milwaukee is, we are lacking in the area of class variety. Jealous. Enjoy for us all!

    1. I feel SO lucky that I have access to so many incredible events and classes here in NYC!

  6. i absolutely LOVE the farmer's market. the food is just infinitely better than anything I can buy at the grocery store.

    nice training week! refine sounds super interesting! i might have to check it out.

    my sleep suggestion is getting up early -- i've been getting up earlier, and i find that by the time 10 o'clock rolls around im so tired im just dying to go to sleep. hence, more sleep. it's been hard, but i feel better rested doing it. now granted, i'm in a plushy 2L summer 9-5 job, and not bar studying, so it might be a little more difficult for you! :)

    1. Ah, the halcyon days of the 2L summer associate position! Miss those days ;) I do wake up pretty early but it's tough to balance all the studying with workouts AND a bit of socializing for sanity's sake.

      If you're ever in NYC you should definitely try out Refine. A lot of runners I know love it because it focuses a lot on core and lower body strength!

  7. What a great week! I think we still had a good pace since we were chatting for the entire run. That's a better indicator than a watch on days like that, so don't worry about it! In my opinion, it didn't look like you were struggling or working too hard for an easy day! I'll be running mornings this week if you want to meet up again. :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement :) I'll text you about running!

  8. Oddly enough, I really dislike the TRX straps and much prefer the pulleys. I wish they could tell you what equipment they're going to use before class so you could sign up accordingly!

    1. That'd be a great idea by them actually. Perhaps we should both try the outdoor class where neither will be used!

  9. I got my first pair of Rogas this week too and I am in LOVE! I never ever want to take them off.

    1. SO comfy, right? I made the mistake of ordering a second pair from Runner's Warehouse and they don't fit correctly, so now I know only to order them from Oiselle!