Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Superman, Yoga, and a Workout: The Twenty Plus One

Hi guys!

I am running four miles and doing strides for the first time this morning. I've never done strides before! Jess sent me this article, which helped me understand the "why" of strides. I'm a "why" person through and through -- I always want to know why I'm doing something (uh, ask my parents, they remember those delightful childhood days of "why"). I always thought strides were strictly for speed, but turns out they also help loosen up your legs after a slower run!

I love having a plan laid out by someone else that I have to follow. Give me a plan or a checklist and I will complete it as assigned. But if I draw up the plan myself, I'm much more likely to go off-plan because hey, it's my plan.

For example, I cannot tell you the number of times I've meant to go to my trainer, Amanda's, 12:30 Monday yoga class and failed because I didn't get enough sleep or I had too much work. But yesterday, Jess had me scheduled to do yoga. So I went to yoga. And it was fabulous and I have new hips now.

I also saw Man of Steel last night. The climactic battle was about 20 minutes too long, but I really enjoyed it. If I were to compare it to superhero movies, I'd put it above all the DC adaptations besides the Batman movies and above the Hulk movies. It's probably about on par with Captain America and Thor? I LOVED how badass Lois Lane was. And of course, Henry Cavill (the guy who plays Superman) is really, really ridiculously good looking.

No, Zoolander. There's nothing more to life.

Workout: The Twenty Plus One

After today's run, I have also been tasked with completing a 30 minute strength workout of my choice. I put this together and wanted to share it -- I even came up with an oh-so-cool name for the workout.

Yes, it's The Twenty Plus One. Best part is that it requires no equipment! Body weight exercises for the win.

In case you were unsure of how to do any of these exercises, I've called in the aid of YouTube:
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Lunges
Tricep Dips
Burpees (push-up in burpee optional!)
Bridge Butt-Lifts (starting at 1:03)

Do you love superhero movies? Do you prefer making your own plan, winging it, or having someone give you a plan?


  1. Hey, I did strides yesterday too! They eventually became sprints, though. ;) I'm such a plan person it isn't even funny; give me structure and organization! And it's great to be a "why" person. If you're going to spend time doing something, then don't you want to know why exactly you're doing it? Woohoo for type-A personalities. :)

    1. Yes! As I always told my parents, I'll do what you want -- just tell me why!

  2. Great workout! I love the you-tube links, too. I am really starting to love exercises like those.

    1. Thanks, Jan! I love these kind of bodyweight exercises because you need no equipment and yet they're still super tough!

  3. I probably lean more toward the loose plan/wing it side, but you're inspiring me! I want to do strides now (I won't keep up with you) and more strength work... That workout looks great!

    1. Hah, the only time I'll be able to be faster than you! ;)

  4. Amen to plans and the why behind the workout! I am so happy I decided to go with a coach this time. A) holds me accountable for the planned workout B) the guess work is out of it.
    I am not one to miss workouts and such but I think I will find myself pushing a lot more.
    I know what my goal is for the fall and it will be nice to see if working with someone is the push I need to get to it!

    1. I think taking out the guess work is huge for me, as is knowing when to push myself and when not to. I think I probably ran too fast too much before my two spring halfs, which hurt me in my performance.

  5. i'm considering getting a coach for marathon #2 (assuming i run one, haha)

    i've heard really fantastic things. while i can make my own plan pretty easily at this point, i'm not very good at figuring out drills and speedwork and stuff - so i think a coach would be good for that! :)

    keep us updated on how it goes!

    1. It's definitely the smaller things like drills, paces, etc. that are helpful, rather than how many runs to do per week.