Monday, June 3, 2013

Workout Recap & Weekly Goals: Fun Runs, Book Club, and a Beautiful Wedding

Happy Monday!

I hope you all survived the scorcher of a week we had at the end of last week. From 40s and 50s to high 90s in less than a week? Well, okay, New York, I'll move away if you insist. (just kidding... kind of)

Sunday marked the inaugural meet-up of the Fitness & Frozen Grapes and Jen's Best Life Book Club! The picnic potluck was delicious and it was fun to discuss May's book. Carrie and I will both have more detailed recaps of our thoughts on our blogs together, and we'll both link to posts about the book if you read it and you'd like to post about your thoughts. (PS: I made this salad, minus the tofu croutons, and it was delicious!)

Also this weekend, I participated in a Fun Run hosted by Picky Bars, Oiselle, Nuun, and Greatist. Despite it being crazy hot, it was a great run with friends, sharing the love for some brands I adore. Thanks to Jocelyn and Meggie for organizing it!

Julianne and I, right before we ran away to find smoothies
Now, on to the big highlight of this weekend! My trainer, Amanda, was married on Saturday and Sourabh and I were lucky enough to attend her beautiful ceremony and reception. We were not lucky enough to have a single working camera between the two of us, so these photos are all from those uploaded to Facebook, but I had to share a few snapshots!

Amanda has had such incredible impact on my life. She got me to start running, to eat cleaner, and to embrace and love a healthier lifestyle overall. While I still have my moments of negative thoughts toward my body, I have a totally different attitude toward it, and that's all honestly due to her influence.

I was so happy that I could share in her special day, celebrating her marriage. The wedding was extra significant for me because her fiance husband, Sebastian, is Indian. Sourabh and I kept talking about how much we loved how they'd merged two cultures and all the ideas we loved. (Which was basically all of it and now we've decided we'll have to steal their entire wedding and not invite them so they don't know we copied them.)

The combination of traditional American wedding and Indian traditions was just so thoughtful and lovely, from the couple wearing a white dress and suit for the ceremony to Amanda and Sebastian changing into more traditional Indian garb for the reception. It was all beautiful and SO MUCH FUN.

Midway through their first dance, they broke out into a choreographed routine to "Jai Ho," from Slumdog Millionaire. It was really freaking awesome. Then they invited everyone onto the dance floor to dance for a few numbers before returning to our seats for more food.

The whole wedding was perfect from start to finish. I am so incredibly happy for Amanda and Sebastian and am so happy that Sourabh and I were included in their day!

Workout Recap
Last week's workouts consisted of upping my mileage in anticipation of marathon training soon (not officially starting until the third week of June) and trying to get some quality strength training in, as well as some yoga.

Monday: Rest (vacation). Walked around Quebec & climb 30 flights of stairs at Montmorency Falls.

Tuesday: Rest (vacation). Drove back from Quebec.

Wednesday: 2 miles with some intervals thrown in. 50 min. strength workout with Amanda. Lots of moving strength work -- jumping squats and lunges with weights.

Thursday: 3 mile easy run, speeding up at the end. Legs felt fantastic the whole time and I could have kept running if I were outside and not on a dreadmill treadmill.

Friday: 75 min. yoga class at Strala Yoga with Tara Stiles. The class was filled with young, preteen girls, who made the class feel even more fun and lighthearted than a Strala class normally does.

Saturday: ~5 miles with the Oiselle/Picky Bars/

Sunday: 30 min. strength workout with Sourabh (!!!). Led Sourabh through three circuits of strength moves, including total body moves and muscle-concentrated moves. We be up in the gym just workin' on our fitness...

This week's goals:
I felt amazing after Friday's yoga class. As always. Yet it's often the first thing I scratch off my schedule when I get busy, probably because the studios I go to don't pre-reserve! Trying to make yoga happen again this week.

So this week, I want to do:

• 3 runs (one longer run, two shorter runs)
• 2-3 strength workouts
• 1-2 yoga classes
• 1 spin class

What are your goals for this week?


  1. What a fun weekend all around! Those are great pictures from Amanda's wedding--it looks like a really fun (and memorable!) time! Since I have a race on Saturday, I will try to not let the taper crazies get the best of me and eat clean all week--and do work this weekend. :)

  2. ahhh! I was off on Sunday and read the book. I signed up but never got an email. I knew I should have asked you about it haha. Next month!

  3. That wedding sounds amazing! It seems so well thought out and like a lot of fun.
    I am running the Mini 10K on Saturday so am just running what I want until then, trying to focus a lot on strength and cross training as well these days in my short down time before mission sub 4 marathon kicks off :)