Friday, March 1, 2013

Graduation Pictures and February Intentions

On Wednesday I had my graduation photos taken. Unfortunately, that appointment was in the morning and my blowout was in the evening. It didn't really matter, of course, because the hats you wear for a law school graduation cover up the top of your head anyway (and are really ridiculous looking, right?).

Don't worry, my parents will be buying the actual copies, but I just wanted to share these right away.

The earrings I'm wearing are a pair of sparkly studs I bought from a street vendor at the market on Portobello Road in London when Sourabh and I went there for our third anniversary. They were only 8 pounds, but I love them and always think of London and that great, whirlwind trip when I wear them. I wanted something special to wear and since my ears are the only thing you really see, I figured earrings were the way to go.

Eek, holy under-eye bags. Guess I need more sleep. Well, that's not a guess. I definitely need more sleep. There's a goal for March.

The robes are kind of fun, right? They're light blue and navy blue, which are Columbia's colors. I just hope May 23 isn't too hot since I may die in NYC humidity if it is.

Taking graduation pictures made me realize how close it is! Today is March 1, meaning I have just about two and a half months of law school left. Craziness!

February Intentions Recap

Last month, I had the following mini goals meant to meet my big intentions for this year: (1) be a more mindful food consumer, (2) continue speed workouts and run with faster friends, (3) leave my phone charging more often so I'm forced to disconnect more, (4) cook a new and different cuisine at least once a week, and (5) stop reading blogs during breakfast.

I did well on being more mindful, looking at where my fish was coming from and getting more organic vegetables and fruits. I've also been dedicated to my weekly speed workouts and running with faster friends when possible. I haven't been the best about disconnecting or cooking different cuisines, although I have been cooking at home a lot. And finally, I've been great about keeping blog reading for post-breakfast so that it doesn't keep me from being late!

This month, I'm not setting any mini goals. I'm concentrating on training since I have the NYC Half on March 17 and then two races in April, and also on avoiding too much sugar. I'm just going to try to stay mindful of my big intentions, like disconnecting and cooking more.

How are your goals for this year going?


  1. Oh, you're a Columbia (almost) alum! I just graduated from GSAS in October. Congrats!!

    1. Oh awesome!! Congrats on graduating! How'd you get from GSAS to Chicago?

  2. Hey! How many pics did they take of you?

    1. Hey Helga! They took like 6 or 7 pictures I think? Quite a few, I just included the two I liked best.

  3. Great graduation pictures! Your robes look very similar to the ones my profs wore during my graduation ceremony, which basically means you're super smart. :)

    1. Haha yes grad school robes are a lot more fun than the boring undergrad ones. I guess it means you need to go to grad school? ;)