Monday, December 31, 2012

2013: New Year, New Intentions

I'm heading off to run the Last Chance Half-Marathon! Because I'm a total run nerd, I decided that the best way to end 2012 -- the Year of Realizing I Can Run -- would be to run a half-marathon near my hometown, with my family cheering for me.

I'm really excited to see what kind of improvements I've made since running Grete's Great Gallop in October. I spent Sunday relaxing, foam rolling, walking Mason around gorgeous Semiahmoo Bay with my parents, and enjoying carb-loading with pancakes for breakfast, a bean and rice burrito for lunch, and pasta for dinner!

Mt Baker and the Twin Sisters from across the bay

we got to see someone take off in a powered parachute and cruise around the bay 
Yesterday was the first sunny day since I've been here. I'm hoping it's a good omen for today! Hopefully I'll have an exciting race recap to share Tuesday morning. For now, I really wanted to share my version of "resolutions" for 2013 on the last day of the year.

2013 Intentions

My trainer, Amanda, wrote a wonderful post last week on setting intentions rather than resolutions. I loved it so much, and it really inspired me to set some intentions for this year. I don't do resolutions normally, but there are a number of things I want to work on and goals I want to achieve in 2013, so Amanda's post came at the perfect time.

What I've done are set up some general intentions. My plan is to then set small goals each month to move myself along the path toward making those a reality.

1. Continue my plant-based diet. In March 2012, I stopped eating meat and limited myself only to fish. I am extremely happy with that change and I'm planning on continuing it in 2013. I also want to continue my quest to make plant-based foods the staples of my diet, with seafood, dairy, and eggs being additions that make occasional appearances rather than being the main focus. I feel healthier, lighter, and overall better when I eat this way and I want to keep it up.

2. Get faster! I love the feeling of achievement when I hit a new PR (that's personal record for the non-running-obsessed out there). So speed work will continue to be a priority, in addition to adding hills and tempo runs to my schedule. I think yoga, spinning, and strength training will all play a part here, too, as they strengthen and lengthen me. And my most concrete speed goal for 2013 is to run a half-marathon in under 2 hours!

3. Disconnect. While I've made some awesome new friends via social media and really enjoyed my foray into blogging this year, I absolutely need to disconnect more. I spend much too much time online. I was all set to do a "one day a week where I disconnect completely" challenge but I found it was impossible. I need to use the internet to get directions to places, I get emails regarding school projects or events I'm planning that need immediate responses, etc. So instead, I just want to try to shut my computer in the evenings.

4. Cook more. I want to work on spending less and saving more by cooking a bit more. We don't really eat out, but we get things delivered via Seamless too frequently. While I try to make healthy choices, it's still expensive and you can't control what's in your food. I want to make more meals for myself and Sourabh.

5. Be on time. I am perennially 5-10 minutes late and that has to stop. It's rude and immature and I hate being late, so all it does is cause me stress. I really want to cure this before I start working in Fall 2013.

Five intentions, defined by what I know will make me a better "me" in the new year. I think I'll do much better at making these intentions happen if I set small goals to pursue them each month. So, here goes for next month!

January Goals

Cook 3-4 meals a week. This is a great combination of both cooking more and continuing my plant-based diet.

Do a speed workout at least once a week. (Except for this week, following my half-marathon) I started doing speed workouts in the past 3-4 weeks to prepare for today's half-marathon. I think the speed workout has had a really positive impact on my pace so I want to keep this up and make it a priority when I'm scheduling the week's workouts.

Leave 15 minutes earlier than I think necessary. By building a 15 minute cushion in to my travel time, even if I leave a bit late I should arrive on time. And if I get there early then I'll just suck it up and read things on my phone. That's what phones are for, right? Killing time? People don't really talk on those things, do they?

Shut my laptop once dinner is ready. I still have my phone to check email, but there's no need for me to browse random websites online instead of reading a book, concentrating 100% on the TV show I'm watching with Sourabh, or cuddling with Mason or the cats (unless I need to do some work in the evening). I think keeping my laptop shut as of dinner time will really help me disconnect.

Ok. BRB, I'm off to run my New Year's Eve race!

What are your goals or intentions for 2013? Any running-specific goals?


  1. Good luck with the half can't wait to read the recap!

    I love the list of intentions. I myself do not do the whole resolutions bit, I do not see the point of waiting until a certain time to "change" something. But I do have some goals! Can't wait.

    1. Thanks, Gianna! Glad to hear someone else prefers goals to resolutions :)

  2. Have a great race, Jen--so excited to read about it!

    I'm not one for making resolutions either, but I like the concept of setting intentions. Oh, and I'm so with you on the plant-based diet supplemented with seafood. I'm not a vegetarian, but I only prepare seafood. I'll eat chicken once in a while--same with steak--but I never *crave* it. Interestingly, I found my body responds really well to a plant-based diet that include veggie-friendly proteins like tofu and tempeh (love!).

  3. Heh, I'll admit, I used to be (and on occasion still am) one of those late people. Though I have to say, running has helped me change that bad habit.

    I like the goals you've set for yourself. More training (hills and speedwork) is on my agenda, and more cooking at home for me as well. No junk food, better nutrition. If I can get a handle on my nutrition, I know I'll improve so much more!

    Happy New Year Jen!