Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Goals: Hiking, Football, and Golden Globes, oh my!

Happy Monday! It's the last week of my visit back to Washington. If you remember, I came out here to spend my last winter break with my family since I don't know when I'll ever have a month off to see them again.

After enjoying my dad's almond waffles on Friday, Sourabh and I drove south to Whidbey Island to hike on a trail that runs along the bluffs leading down to the ocean. We brought Mason so he could experience some real Pacific Northwest hiking.

It was an incredibly gorgeous day. Although you can't see it in the pictures, you could actually see Mount Rainier from the trail. In case you're not obsessed with mountains like I am, Mount Rainier is over 14,000 ft tall and is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world since it's located only 55 miles from Seattle. I sometimes start reading Wikipedia articles about mountains, especially volcanoes, and hop from article to article. Does anyone else get sucked into Wikipedia articles on a certain topic? It's a black hole!

We got home, enjoyed dinner, and then played several epic rounds of Clue. I'm a dork who loves board games, but I especially loved Clue. There's a portion of the law school admissions exam (the LSAT) that's called logic games, and a lot of it is just like Clue. While most of the exam is miserable, I always enjoyed that part, so I loved Clue. And made us play multiple rounds both Friday and Saturday nights.

playing Clue -- Sourabh only agreed to multiple rounds because he won a couple 
On Saturday, I clocked 1.5 miles on the treadmill before taking my dad's yoga class. I asked my dad to put together a short yoga flow for runners, concentrating on stretching and building up your core and leg muscles. I'll be sharing it later this week and I'm really excited about it! We spent 30 minutes taking pictures of me in the various poses for visual guides. Post-yoga, we watched the edge-of-my-seat exciting Ravens-Broncos game and made home-made pizza for dinner.

Sunday... well, after an incredibly tough Seahawks loss to the Falcons, I was pretty bummed and just wasn't up for much. Ok, maybe I was sulking. Why didn't Pete Carroll take the TWO field goal opportunities he had in the first quarter??? And if Russell Wilson doesn't win Rookie of the Year, it's a travesty. I cheered for the Patriots since they're Sourabh's team (sorry, Giants/Jets fans), but my heart wasn't in it after that devastating loss.

But nothing like a bunch of fancy dresses and gossip to cheer me up and the Golden Globes were on last night! We all watched my favorite Hollywood couple kill it. Also, on the gossip front, why didn't Claire Danes and Damian Lewis from Homeland thank each other?? Do they hate each other??? I am now going to watch the show for subtext of hidden hate.

Best. Friends. Ever.
also, please don't ever stop being friends or I'll be distraught.
And by favorite Hollywood couple, I am of course referring to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Because they are the best and were so hilarious and I want Tina's dress.

also, they are purveyors of excellent life advice
Also also, Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook. Have I mentioned how much I loved that movie? It's so sweet. Go see it if you haven't already! And she's wonderful in it. And younger than me, so I guess I need to start working on being more accomplished...

Ok, just one more .gif -- because this was my favorite clip of the evening.

oh, Amy Poehler. I love you.
Tomorrow is the start of my training for the NYC Half! So here are my goals for the week and how I did last week.

Last week's goals:
I didn't do so well. As I wrote on Thursday, I was just lacking motivation this week. I don't have access to my favorite studios, I have to drive to the gym, and running down the road here isn't very safe since there are no sidewalks and no shoulder. And since I'm kind of on vacation, I figured a week of light workouts as I head back into half-marathon training was probably fine. I'm sure this week will feel tough, but that's ok!

• 2 strength training sessions (got in 1 out of 2, but the yoga classes were pretty-strength intensive so that's ok)
• 1 spin session (didn't happen...)
• 3 yoga classes (check! I'm always good when it's a class)
• 3 short runs (10 miles total) -- (only did 5 miles and two runs)

This week's goals:
Hal Higdon's intermediate half-marathon training program starts nice and slow, so I'm hoping it won't be too much of a shock to ease into this week. We're going to Seattle for two days, so a couple of the workouts might be tough, but I'm going to make an effort to avoid the "I'm on vacation" mentality and make them happen.

• 2 short runs, 3 miles each
• 1 long run, 7 miles
• 1 tempo run, 35 minutes
• 2 strength workouts
• 2 yoga classes

What are your goals for this week? How did your planned (or unplanned!) workouts go last week?


  1. Ah yoga. It's deff the easiest part of my workout sched ;)But you are doing great keeping to it while you're on vacay. And hiking I think counts for a work out!

    1. My dad teaches yoga, so I get to go for free when I'm visiting them in WA! Hiking would count for a workout, but it was a pretty easy trail, so I didn't count it as a "workout," just counted it as "I was active today"!

  2. Nothing like diving into a training plan! schedules and plans make me happy.

    As for my week of workouts, I failed in that I didn't have any rest days and added some cross training in to my running. But I just had energy and felt that hitting the elliptical wouldn't kill my taper, better than logging more mileage (or so I hope!).

    My big goal for this week is to keep on tapering and STRETCH. I do not know why I have such a hard time with that.

  3. My goal is to survive practice! Haha but seriously. I wish that I watched the Golden Globes, I always seem to miss it.

    1. It's a bit sad how aware I am of just when awards shows are on ;) These were especially fun since I loved the hosts so much!

      Good luck with practice! Today's first run went really well and I'm excited for training :)

  4. Tina and Amy did a great job last night--I was dying! And I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence. :)

    I've got a lot of swimming, biking, and running workouts scheduled this week, and even though they'll be low intensity, I need to remind myself not to get frustrated. Today's team running workout went well, but it didn't push me, so it felt like a not-so-great sweat session if that makes any sense.

    1. She's so great in Hunger Games, I love her!

      I totally understand what you mean about a workout going well but not feeling great because you don't leave it feeling drained. I have had a few workouts where I felt like I totally did a wonderful job... but I could do it all over again, so clearly I didn't get a great workout in and I'm left feeling almost like I wasted my time or didn't get what I should have out of it. I'm sure you'll get plenty of good sweat sessions in this week, though :)

  5. Tina and Amy are such a power couple! Also, I love setting weekly goals for myself. I love that feeling of accomplishment when they are finished... it's the same feeling as crossing items off of a "to do" list haha
    Love the blog! I'm over at with fitness and health tips and recipes!

    1. Hi Ara! Thanks for dropping by. I love having a to do list, too. It makes me MUCH more likely to get things done! Your zucchini noodles look delicious by the way. I feel inspired to try them!!

  6. Sounds like you're having an amazing time at home, yay! (But come back soon and let's run together!!) I was cheering for the Seahawks too :( But definitely not the Patriots haha! Oh also can't wait to hear about that yoga class!

    1. Haha I know most people hate the Patriots, but he gets so depressed when they lose, I feel like it's best for us all if I cheer for them!!

  7. I love that hiking was in your plan!

    Welcome back to NYC, btw!

    1. Thanks, Jess!! Really bummed I missed running with you today but I desperately needed the sleep after not sleeping at all last night. See you next Sunday at book club!