Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spinning Interval Workout

Despite the unseasonal warmth New York is currently experiencing, I'm sure we'll soon be back to the cold of a Northeast winter. Although I like running in the cold, it also gets dark earlier, so there are plenty of times when you're just not going to want to run.

Whether for cross-training or as a winter run replacement, here's a spinning workout I suggested to a friend today. What I love about this is that it's very customizable -- it's all about what high and low resistance is for you. My friend is just getting back to cardio after having health problems, so she can do this at the level that is best for her, while a cardio fiend could put the resistance up crazy high and get their sweat on.

Warm Up and Cool-Down -- this should be a level that warms up your body without making it work too hard. For me, I put the resistance at 5-6 for the warm and 1-3 for cool-down.

Low Resistance -- this should be a level that makes you sweat but is something you could keep up for a long, long time. For me, I put the resistance at 7-9.

High Resistance -- the goal is to keep your RPM at the same level through both low and hard resistance. It should be hard to keep up the RPM at this resistance, and you should be breathing a lot harder. For me, I put the resistance at 12-14 here.

Weights -- you can use between 2-8 lb weights for this workout. The goal is to feel burning and barely be able to complete the last rep you do in a minute, but don't sacrifice form to higher weight. I typically use 5 lb weights for the horizontal row and 8 lb weights for the bicep curls and shoulder presses.

Core Work -- be sure to tighten your abs (suck in your belly button) and sit up straight as you do the arm exercises for proper form and to work your core.

Want more? Feel free to double the intervals and make the cool-down a full 5 minutes for a 40 minute workout.

Here's what the arm exercises should look like:

Bicep Curls
Overhead Shoulder Press
Horizontal Row
this movement, but using free weights

Sweat and enjoy!

Do you spin in the winter or for cross-training? Do you take a class or do it on your own?


  1. Ohh this looks fun! I love interval workouts of all kinds.. plus the moving pictures are super cool!

  2. I find that I can't make it to spin class on a regular basis and when I try spinning on my own, I never push myself as hard as when I'm using this killer coached spinning album I found on iTunes. It's made by an elite cycling trainer to push you: