Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neon green laces + book club inspiration

There is no reason for this post except to put up pictures of my brand new neon green laces that I'm officially obsessed with.

On Saturday afternoon, I stopped by Modell's Sporting Goods to pick up neon laces for my shoes. As if my purple cross-trainers and blue running shoes weren't bright enough, I decided I needed neon green laces for them because I've become obsessed with having more, more, more COLOR.

my Reebok cross-trainers
I am totally obsessed with my shoes now!! How amazing is the green with the purple shoes? I wore them to a class last night with a bright pink top, blue sports bra, and a Sparkly Soul headband so that I looked like a rainbow crayon. It was awesome.

my New Balance running shoes
I also love the neon green with the blue shoes. I'm hoping the extra pop of color on my feet will inspire me on today's long run. I'm doing 11 miles alone so I'll need the inspiration!

Also inspiring me today:
I'm reading this autobiography for a book club and it's so great for this point in my training. Chrissie Wellington is a prolific Iron Man world champion and her achievements are incredible. Her book is so inspiring, especially because she didn't turn pro until her late 20's!

This quote in particular is inspiring to me:
The brain is programmed to protect us, and that can mean imposing limits on what it thinks we can or should do. Constantly push at those limits, because the brain can be way too cautious. Not so long ago I would have laughed at you if you had suggested I do an ironman. Imagine if I had allowed that attitude to persist. It is up to each and every one of us to change "I can't" into "I can."

If someone had told me I'd be able to run 13 miles in August 2011, I would have laughed at them. I hadn't run a mile ever (since I mostly walked the required mile runs in middle school P.E.). So today I am changing "I can't" into "I can," despite being tired and the weather being less-than-ideal.

Have you read any inspiring books lately? 

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