Monday, October 1, 2012

Half-marathon training for this week - 2 weeks out!

Reflections on the weekend...
This weekend was a struggle. Not physically, really, but socially -- trying to be fun and spend time with friends without messing up my training. Well, training was messed up, but I think I'll be fine if I keep to the scheduled workouts this week.

I am not a person who does well when I divert from my routine. Staying up much later than normal leaves me feeling knocked out, despite being only 24 years old. I often joke that I'm prematurely 70, but it's actually pretty true that my body does not respond well to changes in routine. I also can't drink most hard alcohols or more than, say, 2 glasses of wine without getting terrible stomach aches.

Which brings me to this weekend. Friends were visiting from out of town and I did not want to be the lame friend, especially not when my lovely boyfriend is so understanding about the fact that he's dating a 70-year old. It turned out that there was a party Saturday night that everyone wanted to go to, and I really didn't want to be the person taking a cab home at 11 PM. So I stayed out with everyone until 2 AM and didn't get to bed until 3 AM Sunday morning.
this summarizes my Sunday -- curled up in a ball
After a running buddy wasn't able to make Saturday after all, I had postponed my long run to Sunday since I thought it'd work better. You can see where this is going... my long run didn't happen Sunday. Like I said, I don't handle changes in routine well, and I woke up with a nasty migraine (despite having only one hard cider over the course of the entire night). I spent most of Sunday sitting on my couch with tea, hoping to feel better.

I'm going to do my long run on Tuesday, so my training schedule shouldn't be too affected going forward (ahh less than two weeks!). I've written before about balance and I think it's something I'll have to keep figuring out, especially once I start work next year in a job that requires long hours.

Inspiration for this week
This week will be intense since it's my last week of hardcore training before I take a restful week where I plan on mainly doing yoga and getting lots of sleep leading up to October 14.

One of my friends who runs competitively recommended this song by K'naan as a great running song and she was SO right. It's so motivating and it'll be on my playlist for each run I complete this week!

Last week's workouts:
Besides this weekend, last week's workouts were great:
Monday - rest day (check, got rested)
Tuesday - 6 mile Central Park Loop + spinning @ Pedal NYC (check!)
Wednesday - Lululemon Run Club speedwork led by Jess of Fit Chick in the City fame (check! ended up being 7.5 miles including my jog there)
Thursday - upper body workout and boxing with Amanda (check!)
Friday - Physique 57 class with friends (check!)
Saturday/Sunday - long run (booo, fail... rescheduled for Tuesday)

This week's goals:
Monday - Warrior Fight Club (yoga+boxing) @ Uplift Studios
Tuesday - 11 mile long run
Wednesday - 6 mile run with hills
Thursday - Core Fusion Barre class @ Exhale Spa + 4 mile run back home
Friday - CoreRXN class @ Pedal NYC + Workout & Wine @ Uplift Studios
Saturday - 8 mile long run + yoga
Sunday - rest day!

How do you balance fun nights out with a training schedule? 

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