Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CIM Training Log: Week 3

Week three is in the books, and it was the first week where I wasn't able to get every workout completed. We moved this weekend (Irvine --> Newport Beach, close to Sourabh's firm and close to lots more running routes for me!), which made getting in the weekend's planned workouts tough. I got in the long run, but the scheduled strength workout post-long run was scrapped.

However, I'm pretty sure that all the packing, carrying, and unpacking I did over the weekend compensated at least a little bit. We had movers, but since we now have cars, we figured we would move a lot of the fragile and easy to spill things ourselves.

How insane is this closet? This is only 2/3 of it!

Work has also been busy, which is abnormal in August since corporate work tends to slow down a bit. I'm not complaining, though, since the financing deals I'm working on right now are interesting. At some point I should do a "day in the life" type post and talk a bit more about the work I'm doing (generally, of course), since I've started focusing more on borrower-side financing work versus mergers & acquisitions.

Asleep yet? Anyway, here's how the week shaped up.

CIM Training Log: Week 3

Monday: 5 mile easy run at Back Bay.

I was SO SORE on Monday. I think the fault lies with my recovery post-long run and strength the previous Saturday. I ran errands and then sat cross-legged on the beach during a beach party. I realized my legs were totally tightening up when I stood up. Whoops. 

What was funny on this run was that my cardio effort was like a 3, but the difficulty level was an 8 or 9. My pace slooooowly dropped as I warmed up and washed away some lactic acid.

Ended up running the 5 miles in 52:53 minutes (10:34 average pace) with a 129 average heart rate. Like I said, cardio effort low, moving legs at all effort high. 

Tuesday: Speed work on San Diego Creek Trail + core work.

20 minutes easy to warm up. I was still a bit sore, but my legs felt much better than they had on Monday. It was in the 70s and humid because of a dense, low marine layer.

Coach Jess assigned me a pick-up speed workout of 1 minute all-out, 1 minute easy jogging (5x) then 30 seconds all-out, 30 seconds easy jogging (10x) for 20 minutes total. The pick-ups felt really good! I love short intervals. 

I was running on the San Diego Creek Trail, which has underpasses (short but steep declines and inclines), but Jess had already said that was fine since it was an effort-based speed workout. 

Total for the 20 minutes was 2.3 miles, 8:42 average pace (including cool down intervals), and 159 average heart rate. Total with warm-up and cool down was 5.19 miles.

Also completed a core workout in the evening.

Wednesday: 25 minutes on spin bike + strength workout.

45 minutes of spin on a bike at the gym using my spin shoes (I prefer clipping in). Ended up with a 128 average heart rate, but I forgot to check the mileage. Jess has said that sprinting and getting out of the saddle are the best aspects of cycling for improving running fitness, so I tried to alternate between those two. 

Then I moved on to strength.

(1) single leg deadlifts w/ 40 lb bar
(2) chest press w/ 40 lb bar
(3) squats w/ 40 lb bar
(4) row w/ 40 lbs each arm

2x: 1 minute plank + 15x bird-dog each side

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Easy 55 minute run on San Diego Creek Trail + 5x20 second strides

I realized after this run that my heart rate monitor drains my Garmin much more quickly, so I need to charge it more frequently. Garmin died partway through the run so I just focused on time.

I think it ended up being about 5.25 miles or so in 55 minutes, so 10:30ish pace, 133 average HR (including the 5 sets of 20 second strides).

Saturday: 85 minute long run on Bommer Ridge Trail / packing.

I met up with a group through MeetUp to do a long run on the trails. The women were awesome and made for great conversations, but I would have liked to go a bit faster. Given the elevation gain and the fact that we were talking, I think this was a fine effort, but Jess agrees that I need to find a better pace match for long runs.

Stats: 85 minutes, 7.69 miles, 11:04 avg pace, 146 avg HR, approx 925 ft elev gain. Mid 60s to low 70s, slightly humid and overcast.

Fuel: 1/2 a Picky Bar and some coffee before running. Brought a handheld of water on the run.

Other than a couple hills, felt really good the whole time! The out and back is a bit more uphill on the way back, so it was more that than a flagging effort, I think.

Splits: (1) 11:10, (2) 10:41, (3) 10:40, (4 big hill) 11:46, (5) 11:03, (6) 11:01, (7) 11:01, (.69 mostly uphill) 11:12

Sunday: Off / unpacking.


  1. I'm awake, I'm awake! ;) Even though every workout didn't happen, this is still a solid week. I love doing high-cadence drills on the bike because that turnover translates to the run--and a higher turnover helps prevent lactic acid build up. Watts for the win! :)

    1. Haha phew, I was worried I'd put everyone to sleep with the work talk. And yes, that's exactly why we're focusing on the sprints!

  2. Replies
    1. I know, it's so awesome! I guess I need to buy more clothes to fill it up ;)

  3. #closetenvy

    I feel you on that cardio effort low difficulty high. that is how all my runs this week have felt!

    1. And still so much cheaper than our NYC apartment ;)

      I hate when the rest of you feels up to running faster (because let's face it, running fast is fun!), but some part of your body is just like, "nope". But, gotta listen to it... also I just couldn't physically move my legs any faster with how sore they were haha.

      Hope your runs this week are going better!

  4. Post/send me more apartment pics! Or is that a house?!

    1. Haha we still have some settling in to do. Things are unpacked, but we need to get some furniture. It's a townhouse! So, a mix of apartment and house?