Monday, June 29, 2015

Pre-Marathon Strength Training: Week 4 Workout Log

Last week was pretty awesome on the training front,  until it wasn't.

Friday after work, I hit the hills for some trail miles, and apparently I rolled my ankle pretty badly. The problem with me and rolling my ankles is that every single time it's happened, it seems incredibly minor and I don't feel like I've done any damage. I trip on a near-daily basis, and it's difficult for me to tell the difference between rolling my ankle and losing my balance. So every single time I've rolled my ankle, I don't really realize I did any damage until it starts hurting the following day, when I think back to what could have caused the pain and realize, "oh right, I kind of rolled my ankle while running, didn't I?"

Trail miles are so pretty, why can't my legs cooperate...
I guess my "minor trip" on Friday evening's trail run messed up my ankle, because late Saturday it started hurting, so I canceled my planned Sunday morning trail run with a friend.

So, I'll be spending the first part of this week avoiding weight-bearing cardio. I'll see how my planned lower body weights workout goes tonight, and will scratch anything that seems to hurt my ankle. Cardio will be swimming for the next few days because I'm determined to rehab this ankle ASAP so I can get in some mileage while I'm up in WA. It's going to be gorgeous up there this weekend! I AM SO EXCITED. Country July 4th's are the best.

In terms of future preventative care, once my ankle feels better, I'll be adding calf raises and more ankle exercises, because I love trails too much to give them up, but I've rolled my ankle out there too many times. I'm also going to look into purchasing trail running shoes with greater ankle support that are closer to the ground. I've been wearing my beloved Saucony Kinvaras, and apparently the added height can increase your chances of rolling your ankles.

Pre-Marathon Strength Training: Week 4 Workout Log

Since my sister and brother-in-law were visiting, I didn't want to spend much more than an hour at the gym or running most days, so I changed up my workouts a bit, only doing cardio and weights together on one day.

Monday: Lower body lifting workout.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles at Back Bay.

Wednesday: Upper body lifting workout.

Thursday: 20 minutes intervals (3.65 miles total, incl. 5 min. w/u and c/d) + lower body lifting workout.

Friday: 5 miles on trails at Crystal Cove (I start from Coastal Peak Park for free parking).

Saturday: Off (walking around Santa Monica and Venice Beach).

I had never explored the canals, so it was fun to walk around the beautiful little houses and feel jealous of the people who live there. We briefly chatted with someone as she walked from a neighbor's house to her own, and apparently a lot of the people in the area actually grew up there, so they aren't all millionaires (in terms of salaries, at least; the homes are all worth well over $1 million).


Do I have good looking family members or what?

Sunday: Off, RICE-ing my ankle.

BOO. I'm annoyed. Running has been feeling great lately and I was excited to get in a long run with my friend Allie while she was in the area.

Total Mileage = 13.15 miles

Do you have any ankle strengthening exercise recommendations? Trail running shoe recommendations? General tips to not hurt myself?


  1. Swimming, swimming, swimming! The Asics Fuji Racers are popular with my trail-/ultra-running friends, and they also really like the Saucony Cortana. We also carry the Brooks Cascadia.

    1. Haha I assumed you would approve of the swimming ;) Thanks for the recs! I'm going to try them all on.

  2. I usually wear Kinvaras for road running, and I have the Saucony Peregrines for trail shoes. The guys at the running store where I bought them recommended them, since I like the Kinvaras so much. I really like the Peregrines for trail running, and I wear them instead of hiking boots for 95% of my hikes, too.

    1. I adore my Kinvaras, and was just looking at the Saucony Peregrines because they seem similar! Good to know they cross over for hiking, too. Thanks!

  3. Oh noooo I am so sorry!!! Oddly enough, I never worry about rolling my ankle on the trails - even though that happens to me quite a bit (luckily, very minor so far). But I have a constant fear of tripping and knocking my teeth out!

  4. Ugh, I'm sorry! I do always worry about the potential for that. I feel like I am prone to tripping and walking into things but luckily never seem to have any takeaway injury (totally jinxing myself). Hope that ankle is on the mend!

  5. Boooo on your ankle, I hope it heals quickly!