Wednesday, May 13, 2015

RnR San Diego Half Marathon Training Log: Week 9

Last week (and this week) are my peak weeks of RnR San Diego training. They also coincided with being super busy at work and my mom visiting, so it was all about fitting in the miles where I could. It also meant that I only fit in one strength session. But, I hit 34 miles and got in two high quality runs, so I'm content.

RnR San Diego Half Marathon Training Log: Week 9

Monday: Off.

Tuesday: 4x1600m repeats on treadmill.

Hit the gym after work for repeats on the treadmill. Including my (new) fastest mile ever at a sub-7 pace. So that was exciting.

Really impressed with the new satin Sparkly Soul headband I got. It's a lot simpler than the sparkly ones but it stayed on just the same during the repeats.

Post-mile repeats = all the sweat.

(Note: I'm a Sparkly Soul ambassador but bought this at full price from an Athleta, which now carries Sparkly Soul headbands.)

Wednesday: (1) AM 6 miles easy with Monica on Yale Loop and (2) PM strength. 

Six easy, chatty miles around the Yale Loop then a post-work lower body strength workout:
  • 3x12 with 50# bar: (1) single leg deadlifts, (2) hip bridge lifts, (3) squats, (4) walking lunges
  • 2x15: (1) decline sit-ups, (2) reverse sit-ups with 35# weight

Thursday: Off.

Friday: 5 miles easy at Back Bay.

My easy miles have been feeling awful, but I'm hitting the paces on runs I care about, so I guess that's the important thing? Fit in 5 miles between work and picking my mom up from the airport.

Saturday: 12 mile long run at Huntington Beach.

Headed to Huntington  Beach on Saturday afternoon with my mom since she loves the beach. I figured if I was going to fit in my long run I should do it in a place she'd enjoy being!

  • Dynamic warm up routine.
  • 2 miles warm up
  • 2 x 3 miles hard with 2 miles easy in between: (1) 8:26, 8:24, 812, (2) 8:15, 8:07, 7:52
  • 2 miles cool down

I never felt great and I hadn't fueled properly (I'm just bad about doing things properly if I don't run first thing, honestly), but I was really happy with the second of the three miles hard. 

Sunday: 5 miles easy at Huntington Beach.

Happy Mother's Day! We had to spend the day taking care of some medical stuff, but thankfully we got to have a great late lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and enjoyed an evening back at the beach. I fit in 5 miles quickly(ish... easy miles = legs like lead) then we walked along the beach and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.

Total Mileage = 34 miles


  1. Whenever I do my easy runs, it take a good 2-2.5 miles for my legs to feel good--so it's frustrating when my plan calls for four only, lol. Your speedwork paces are smokin'! Can't wait to see it all pay off on race day!

    1. RIGHT? Why are easy miles so hard at the peak of training? Bah. Here's hoping!!

  2. Grew up spending most of the summer at Huntington Beach! Posts like this make me miss living in CA!

    1. Such a fun place. I love the Sunday afternoon drum circles!

  3. That last picture doesn't even look real! Beautiful. Killer workouts! And loving that weight you're using for the legs. I am working my way back up and it is so satisfying to go heavy!

    1. It is SO satisfying!! Agreed :) And thanks! It was such a gorgeous day.