Sunday, November 30, 2014

Training Log: Surf City Half - Week 3

My parents were visiting all last week which meant lots of time visiting beaches and, even better, a return visit to Joshua Tree National Park. It's been so nice to see my mom and dad a lot this year. I'm really happy to be closer!

There was also a race and my first long run. Training log below but first, some beach shots:

Some snapshots from Joshua Tree: 

Sunset looking west over San Jacinto Peak (10,834 ft) -- the Doctor Seuss-looking tree is a Joshua Tree.

San Gorgonio mountain (11,503 ft) from Keys View.
Sourabh and Mason waiting for the sunset.
And now, on to the training log!

Training Log: Surf City Half - Week 3

Monday: Strength workout with Melanie (Equinox trainer).
  • 5 minute warm-up on treadmill
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Two sets of 15 reps of seven compound total body movements (skull crushers, pull-ups, bridges, bicep curls with squats, etc)
  • Two reps of incline sprints between sets
  • Cool down stretching and foam rolling
I had slept terribly Sunday night, after working for several hours at the office post-Hunger Games then staying up late to get things cleaned up before my parents arrived. But I was still able to get through the workout Melanie had planned.

Tuesday: 5 miles (6x800m) on the treadmill.
  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 800m repeats -- (1) 7:08, (2) 7:08, (3) 7:03, (4) 7:03, (5) 6:58, (6) 6:58
  • 1 mile cool-down
This workout made such a difference for Thursday's race. I wasn't sure I could hit these paces for a full half-mile, since I'd been running 400m's at this pace over the summer and had just started training for real. When I was able to keep up with the treadmill -- and even finish feeling like I could go a few more rounds -- it made me confident that I could hold a faster pace during the 5K.

Wednesday: Strength workout.
  • 1/2 mile warm-up on treadmill
  • Dynamic stretching routine
  • Four sets of 10 reps of four total body exercises (squat to presses, pull downs, rows, etc)
  • Two sets of 15 reps of core exercises targeting obliques
  • Cool down stretching and foam rolling
I felt really strong powering through this workout, until the third set when I hit my nose while bringing the bar over my head in the squat-to-press. Hard. Eyes watering and feeling just a tad bit embarrassed, I still finished the workout, but felt slightly less badass than I did prior to whacking myself in the face with a weight.

Thursday: Turkey Trot race + .7 mile warm up and .2 mile cool down (4 miles total).

    Melanie wanted me to push the pace and use this race as a tempo workout. It went really well and I PR'd! The race left me feeling very pumped about my progress as a runner.

    Friday: Strength workout.
    • 1/2 mile warm-up on treadmill
    • Dynamic stretching routine
    • Two sets of 14 reps of four lower body exercises (goblet squats, single leg dead lifts, hamstring curls, etc)
    • Two sets of 14 reps of three core exercises
    • Cool down stretching and foam rolling
    I hadn't been to the gym outside of early morning or late evening in a long time and forgot how much, uh, facial "enhancement" is on display mid-morning. It's good people watching, at least.

    Saturday: Rest.

    After doing 20 minutes of yoga with my parents (taking it super easy, which is why I'm not counting it as real training in any way), I sat in the car to Joshua Tree National Park for five hours then walked around the Park a bit.

    Sunday: 8 mile long run.

    Urgh. Did not enjoy this run. Decided to do an out and back along the Back Bay, but I was running into a nasty headwind for half and then it started raining pretty hard -- yes, raining. It does occasionally run in SoCal! My legs felt heavy from Thursday's race and Friday's workout (and the five hour round trip car ride). I also started around lunchtime because I wanted to enjoy Sunday breakfast with my parents and Sourabh.

    Basically, this run presented a list of all the things not to do (for me) to enjoy a long run. Still, a leisurely breakfast on Thanksgiving weekend was worth it, I got in the mileage, and it was a good reminder to myself of why I need to get out for long runs first thing and not sit in the car for a long time before a long run.

    Splits: (1) 10:15, (2) 10:07, (3) 10:10, (4) 9:52, (5) 9:58, (6) 10:18, (7) 9:35, (8) 9:12

    The rain was getting hard by the end of this run and I was really ready to be done, so I just pushed to finish ASAP. Plus, a fast finish is always good race practice!

    Total Mileage: 17 miles 

    Happy with this week overall (hard to be unhappy with a PR!) and really glad I got quality time with some of my favorite people -- but I'm looking forward to a long run do-over next weekend!


    1. GAWD, take me to the beach! Also, skull crushes take me back to HS basketball. Even though I got my workouts done while home for Thanksgiving, they definitely didn't go as well as they would've back here. I'm viewing them as mini-"step back" workouts--plus, our bodies need to rest every now and then.

      1. YES I was just reading about the importance of rest for athletes actually. My legs were really tired last night after my long run then standing up while baking all afternoon, so I decided to sleep in this morning and hit the gym this evening. My legs feel way better. Rest is so important and so easy to ignore!