Monday, May 19, 2014

Training Musings & LLS Flywheel Fundraiser

Hey guys!

Just dropping in to share an awesome event with you, and a little bit on my current running/training/life.

It was a gorgeous weekend here in New York, and Sourabh I spent as much of it outside as possible. Browsing the Union Square Greenmarket, training side by side with Amanda in Central Park, and running six sunny miles along the East River. The run was by myself after Sourabh left -- today was his first day of his summer position at an LA firm. I soaked up the sun and listened to the Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack (beautiful movie, beautiful soundtrack) while I pounded the pavement.

I'll only be seeing Sourabh for 2-3 days for the next four months, but between work, friends, and (possible) race training, I think the months will go by pretty quickly. And this week will fly by since he's coming back for the three day weekend and his birthday.

So, on the subject of running... I'm not sure I want to train for anything long distance right now. Several running friends have asked me if I'm planning on a fall marathon. As much as I loved training for the Chicago marathon, I just don't think that kind of commitment is possible with my unpredictable work schedule, especially when I need to take care of a neurotic dog.

Mason just couldn't face Monday morning.
And honestly, after all the hard work I put in to training for the NYC Half, it kind of sucked that a crazy work week of no sleep left me feeling like I was about to faint the entire time. I don't really want to repeat that.

I miss having a training schedule though, so I've been toying with the idea of training hard for a 5K. I enjoy speed workouts and shorter long runs (I've been loving the 7-8 mile "long" runs I've been doing each weekend) so I think it could be the sweet spot for me in terms of training this summer. Surprisingly, long runs still

I had so much fun catching up with Michelle over 8 miles on the Hudson two weeks ago.
I can join friends for parts of their long runs and still have direction to my running, which I enjoy, but I also won't be running for hours on end or need to get up at 5:00 a.m. to fit in the mileage.

I've been eyeing this 5K plan from the ever reliable Hal Higdon, but I want to focus on strength training for the next month or two and focus on building up some of the muscle I lost over a few weeks of minimal to no training. (It is shocking how fast you lose that, by the way.) Plus, a 5K in late July or early August sounds like it could be a disaster, so I think I'll aim for a September 5K and focus on building up strength over the next few weeks.

Anyway, on to much more exciting things than my running musings...


I am a big fan of Flywheel, but I don't go very often because I have a hard time justifying the price tag. In fact, I haven't been since the week before the Chicago Marathon.

However, when Kara contacted me about sharing a Team in Training fundraiser at Flywheel, I jumped at the opportunity to share the event in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Spend $45 to sweat on a bike for cancer research? Hell yes, sign me up.

And I hope you'll sign up, too. Let's all be sweaty together and support the incredible work LLS does. LLS isn't just researching cures for blood cancers -- their goal is to cure all cancer. Kara sent me this video about a new treatment study which used deactivated HIV cells to attack cancer cells. It's really incredible.

Oh, and in case you're a Flywheel aficionado and know each instructor's middle names (I know you crazies are out there...), the instructor will be the great Kate H. I have taken her class twice and she is a seriously awesome instructor. If you've never been to a spin class before, she'd be a great first-time teacher! And if you have absolutely no interest in sweating on a bike, you can always donate to LLS here and then eat brunch while we sweat. I won't judge you at all. Wait, Kara, is it too late for me to do that?

Here are the details:

Flywheel Stadium Cycling
TNT is hosting a spin-class fundraiser at Flywheel! We have 46 bikes and will be selling them for a $45 donation to LLS. To participate, please fill out this form. Please pass along to ANYONE!
Confirmed Event Details
Date: Sunday, June 8th
Time: 1:30 PM
Location: Tribeca (415 Greenwich Street, between Hubert and Laight Streets)
Price: $45 donation to LLS
Tribeca Location Map
PS: Kara just went sub-2 at the Brooklyn Half! Go congratulate her on her and also thank her for the amazing work she does helping to raise funds for LLS.
If you are ever doing a fundraiser for cancer research, please let me know -- I'm always happy to share these kinds of things.


  1. I AM IN!!! Caps lock necessary :)

    Would love to catch up with you on one of your runs! I think your plan is great to focus on a shorter distance with work.

    1. YAY! Cannot wait to see you and yes, a catch up soon would be wonderful.

  2. You are the BEST!! THANK YOU AGAIN! Your help means so much. Can't wait to ride with you (but hopefully I'll be able to thank you in person before June! 8th!) And we should get brunch afterwards :)

    1. Thank YOU! LLS and TNT are amazing and I'm so happy I can support them in any way.

  3. I like this 5k plan...I'm sure you'll kick ass! :)

    1. I'd really like to kick ass after a training cycle for once, so I certainly hope so!!

  4. Jen! I desperately need to send you an email--lots of catching up to do! Anyhoodle, as a short-course athlete, I totally support training hard and PR-ing some 5- and maybe 10-Ks this summer. These distances are still "trainable," but don't require summer socializing sacrifices.

    1. I respect your training so much so to hear your support of the shorter course training is awesome :) And yes, we really do need to catch up!!

  5. That bridge pic is awesome. Congrats on your completion of a marathon...I can't even imagine. I got sick during all 3 of my half marathons. It was such a bummer...probably anxiety related because my 12 mile long runs always went fab. Some day I'll get my crap together and figure out the problem. :) Sounds like a good plan you have with the 5K. :) Good to 'meet' you, I'm Jess from