Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: Weekend of Hercules

In case you don't use the Internet or have a TV, there has been some nasty, frigid weather hitting much of the U.S. I might have mentioned a few hundred times that I hate cold weather, so with the holiday and the inclement weather, this week ended up being a bit lighter for me. I start training for the NYC Half today, so I didn't sweat it. Literally, I did not sweat much, because when I did work out I was mostly running outside and it was so cold that I didn't start sweating till I got back indoors.

I kicked off NYC Half training with a Refine Method class this morning before work. I'm extremely excited to be back training, but I really have enjoyed a couple months of down time. So this week's workout recap will be brief -- there will be a lot more to recap next week!

I think I may also change my workout recaps to the name of the race I'm training for, to keep them more specific. Since I've started work, I haven't blogged as much, in large part because I don't have as much to talk about, but also because much of what my day consists of is now work which I can't disclose. It's not exciting, CIA-style secrets, or even the explanation of how Sherlock faked his death (PLEASE tell me you watch the BBC's Sherlock -- it's truly fantastic). However, due to client confidentiality, I can rarely talk about what I'm working on.

So at least for now, this blog has become much more running-centric, and that's why I want my race-specific training to be better catalogued.

Weekly Workout Recap

Monday: 2.5 miles to/from NYRR to pick up race bibs.

No picture because it was pitch black outside and Sourabh and I were freezing so just ran there and back.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: 4 mile Midnight Run in Central Park.

This race was a fantastic way to kick off the new year. It was Sourabh's first real race! He did a great job -- despite an extremely packed first two miles, we ran it in 37:53! He was also feeling awful before the race. So proud of him!

Thursday/Friday: Rest days. Although I did 45 push-ups on Friday, so that has to count for something...?

Saturday: 4.5 miles in Central Park with some awesome run friends.

Saturday was seriously cold. Honestly there's no way I would have run if not for the fact that I was meeting Allison, BethGabby, and Nicole. But once I got out there and saw these smiling faces, how could I not have a good time? Our loop went extremely quickly and I was sorry to wave goodbye after 3 miles. I need more time with my run friends in 2014!

Sunday: 30 minutes indoor cycling.

Technically, while we all say "spin" like we say "Google" for Internet search, it's a trademarked type of indoor cycling. Since I'm a lawyer, I should probably respect trademarks. Soooo I was indoor cycling, not spinning. It's kind of amazing what a good playlist will do! Somehow what feels boring on the treadmill goes by quickly on the bike.

I posted this on Twitter, but in case you don't follow my every tweet, I suggested that all runners and cyclists immediately download Fitz and the Tantrums' "The Walker" for their run/cycling playlists. It's a fun song with an awesome retro beat and it makes me want to bounce along the street or pedal harder on the bike.

On Deck for the Week of 1/6:

In my first week of training, Coach Jess has already hit me with exactly what I knew was coming for this training cycle: hill repeats. Eek! Although, the one and only time I did hill repeats during Chicago training, they weren't as bad as I expected. So maybe I won't die? Fingers crossed.

• 2 hour-long strength training workouts
• 1 yoga class (+ 1 super easy yoga class optional)
• 1 easy run
• 1 "long" run (6 miles)
• 1 recovery run

Besides the obvious training, I need to get back on the foam rolling bandwagon and focus on getting enough sleep (7.5 hours+).

I'm also very curious about how fueling (AKA eating) could be affecting my running performance, so I'm going to be keeping a journal of what I eat and how I feel during runs. No calorie counts or anything -- I just want to better keep track of how the things I eat affect how I run. If I find any interesting correlations I will, of course, be sure to share!

Hope you weathered the storm if you were affected by it, and for those getting hit by another round of nasty winter weather, good luck!


  1. I spend as little time outdoors as possible these days. Can winter please please please end? Thanks.

    And yay for being back in training! I'm attempting to get there myself...

    1. Seriously though, winter needs to END. I'm so over it already!

  2. I'm that predictable, huh? LOL!

    I really missed doing the Midnight Run this year, but after spending so much money on race fees I couldn't justify the cost. What a fun first race to run!

    1. Haha I just know what a GOOD coach would do for a hilly half ;)

  3. I bet that run was SO fun! I'm about to do some yoga of my own this evening and am also happy to be back on the training band wagon!

    1. It really was! And yay yoga -- I am excited to make it a part of my routine again.

  4. Back to the grind--watch out, 2014! We are coming for you! Like you wrote, it was nice to have some downtime, but I was so happy going to practice today, working out, and seeing everyone. I feel like myself again. :)

  5. So great to run with you on Saturday! Glad we braved the cold even though staying in bed was much more tempting. :)

  6. You are so lucky to live in such a big city and have sooo many wonderful friends to run, train, and workout with! Yes, I am totally jealous of your life! Let us know what you figure out as far as your fueling affecting your running...I'm always interested to see what works for other people!!

    1. I absolutely will! And yes, I love having friends close by to run with. It's amazing :)