Monday, January 20, 2014

NYC Half 2014 Training - Week 2 Recap

Hi all!

Most importantly:


GO SEAHAWKS!!!!  As much as they've had a great season, I honestly didn't think getting to the Super Bowl would happen this year. I am so ecstatic that not only is my team headed to the Big Game, they're going to the Super Bowl in NYC!! I am now going to spend the next two weeks drinking Starbucks, listening to Macklemore, and wearing my Seahawks jersey. Gotta celebrate the great state of Washington.

And in case you were wondering about my thoughts on Richard Sherman: I view him like I view Kanye. The crazy is incredibly entertaining.

I technically have the day off today, but have several Monday-ish deadlines, so I'm working from home. Still, sweats > suits (although I rarely wear a full suit).

It got cold again in NYC this weekend, but I somehow managed to leave my apartment for multiple food dates with friends. Dinners on both Friday and Saturday nights and lunch on Saturday after seeing Frozen, which was adorable and fun.

As for training, last week had highs and lows -- a rough Monday morning run didn't start the week off great, but I ended with a fantastic set of hill repeats and great long run. I got more sleep near the end of the week and really saw the benefits. I had to push my toughest workouts to the end of the week, completing an Uplift Strength Class, hill repeats, and my long run in less than 72 hours. However, I got more sleep than usual ( and ate pretty well during that period, focusing on whole foods, and I definitely saw the benefits. I felt strong during each workout. Success!

NYC Half 2014 Training - Week 2 Recap

Monday: 42 minute easy run (4 miles) in Central Park & 4 x 20 second strides.

Every run can't be good, and this was definitely a bad one. Legs felt like lead and my easy pace was in the 11's when I started. Maybe due to poor sleep or adjusting to higher mileage again? At any rate, I got a late start so cut it at 42 minutes instead of the planned 45 since I also had to get in 4 strides (20 seconds on, 20 seconds recovery jog).

Strides: (1) 6:27, (2) 6:58, (3) 7:05, (4) 6:48

Since I was having a bad run, I decided to keep it flat and run around the Reservoir and the Great Lawn. The Great Lawn is my favorite place in the early morning hours because it's a giant dog party. Before 9 AM, people can walk their dogs off-leash in the park, so I love running by all the dogs bound

Tuesday: 60 minute strength workout.

Did two sets of The Dozen from Dr. Lesko at Oiselle. (P.S. their spring line is super cute. Buy things for me since I'm still on my self-imposed no-shopping-spree.) It left my core HURTING, and added in two sets of hamstring curls. Finished with about 15 minutes of yoga/stretching and foam rolling.

Wednesday: Rest / 45 mins. easy yoga.

After a terrible commute that took an hour instead of the normal 25 minutes because of subway closures, I couldn't make my planned yoga class, so instead I did 45 minutes of restorative yoga focusing on hips and hamstrings while catching up on Archer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Finished with some foam rolling for an A+ on runner rehab.

Thursday: 3.4 mile easy run (32:00).

Ran along part of the Reservoir, did the Great Lawn loop to see the dogs playing -- heard some awesome dog names being called, like Roger, Malcolm, and Oliver -- then ran along the main CP loop north and west over the 102nd St Transverse. Kept it flat and easy in preparation for hill repeats on schedule tomorrow...

Saw Abby and a raccoon on the run. One was a welcome sight and one was not (I hate raccoons -- they're mean!).

Friday: 55 minute Uplift class.

Fantastic class. Loved the energy, loved the no-repeating-any-exercise (which made me push harder), and LOVED Kat as an instructor. Hadn't taken her class before, unfortunately, and she's hilariously awesome. Great energy and made me laugh multiple times with lines like: "no wine for anyone who stops! I'll drink your wine! Keep going!" (Uplift gives wine to evening class attendees. They're kind of awesome.)

Honestly can't remember most of the exercises, since we didn't repeat any so there were a ton. I get exercise amnesia

Saturday: 5.2 miles, including 5 Cat Hill repeats.

I put these off until 4 PM. In my defense, I had tickets to see Frozen in the morning. It was awesome. Anyway, I ran these at a pace that made me simultaneously suck air and want to throw up. The task was to run up Cat Hill, which is about .25 miles in total, five times. Each repeat felt hard, and by the end, I was willing my legs to move harder and they weren't. It's not a feeling I'm used to, since normally I feel like my lungs are putting the limit on my pace rather than my legs. I blame both the hill and the Uplift class the previous night.

w/u: 1.97 miles
Cat Hill repeat paces: (1) 7:40, (2) 7:25, (3) 7:41, (4) 7:35, (5) 7:36
c/d: 1.2 miles

Sunday: 7 mile long run (1:06:55) with last mile at tempo pace.

Forgot to take a picture while running so my post-run "fuel" of a delicious banana walnut muffin will have to suffice.

I was thinking my easy pace would be in the 10's after a tough Uplift class Friday night and hill repeats Saturday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised that "easy" was in the 9's for all but one mile of the run!

Ran with Sourabh's friend, Allie, who's training for the Manhattan Half and we had a lot of fun chatting the whole way. We did the lower 5 mile loop of Central Park then finished with a loop of the Reservoir. Coach Jess U.'s  plan was for me to kick it up in the last mile to somewhere close to 8:00.

Again with the Garmin dying. I might need a new one. Sigh.

(1) 9:49, (2) 9:44, (3) 9:37, (4) 9:50 [lost .2 here], (5) 9:42, (6) 10:01, (7) 8:19

We were actually at 8:08-8:11 for almost the entire mile but hit a nasty headwind in the last .2 miles that dropped our pace to 8:19 and left our faces feeling frozen. I swear I thought I'd gotten a shot of botox or something. Focused on pumping my arms as hard as I could and keeping my mental game positive.

On Deck for the Week of 1/20

I'm hoping to keep the 7.5-8 hours of sleep going, along with concentrating on whole foods.

Here are the workouts Coach Jess has planned for me:

  • 2 easy runs (both 5 miles)
  • 1-2 strength workouts (depending on how I feel Friday -- yoga/strength/sleep are all options on the table)
  • 1 tempo run
  • 1 long run (9 miles, including two sets of Harlem Hills)

How was your weekend? Have you ever had Garmin difficulties and did you have to replace it?


  1. Nice work! Isn't it amazing how much better you feel (and how much better workouts go) when you eat right and get enough sleep? I got about 9.5 hours of sleep Thursday night (#grandmastatus because I was exhausted), and my workouts on Friday went really well.

    1. I can only imagine how early you'd have to go to bed to wake up at your normal wakeup time and still get 9.5 hours. That's #grandMASTERstatus not grandma status!

  2. Those muffins look delicious. Sounds like you had a great week of workouts! I'm hoping this week is better for me because of hurting my ankle stupidly!
    I don't have a Garmin but I had to replace my watch because it randomly stopped working. I'm hoping to get a Garmin at some point!

    1. I've loved my Garmin, but they're definitely an investment. Great for speed work!

  3. great job! Re: hill repeats...what do you do in between? Do you walk or run down the hill? Thanks! Love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! My coach had me jog back down the hill, but since it was cold, I typically took 30 seconds to a minute to catch my breath because I have a touch of asthma which is triggered by the cold.