Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap and Goals: Biking, Refining, and Home Goods-ing

Hi all!

I hope you had as awesome a weekend as I did. It was full of friends, which every weekend should be, but too often I feel like weekends get filled with the chores you didn't get to during the week and catching up on sleep. I didn't really "catch up," but if I get 8 hours I feel lucky these days!

Friday night, I was able to leave work by 8 PM and head to Beth's to have some celebratory champagne along with Allison and Ashley. Allison just ran the San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon, Ashley is gearing up to crush the Philadelphia Marathon, and Beth and I just ran our first marathons, so we had some celebrating to do! 

Since Sourabh was away this weekend, I also got extra cuddle time with Mason. He was unhappy with my attempt to capture photographic evidence of said cuddling, however.

Saturday morning, I met up with Angela for a Refine Method class that kicked both our asses. We spent roughly 20 minutes talking about how exhausted we were at brunch afterwards. (She just wrote a great post about the latest Lululemon debacle involving the founder, Chip Wilson, saying that some women just don't have the right bodies for Lululemon's clothes.)

After brunch, I did some poking around Home Goods. No, I did not buy this deer ballerina shrubbery, although it would have been an excellent use of my money.

I did get some lovely wintry decorations, including a sugar cookie candle. That candle came in handy when two of my most favorite law school friends came over for dinner. I completely fooled Christine and Sarah by lighting the sugar cookie candle. Dim lighting with strategically placed tea candles and a nice smell made them think my apartment was a lovely, homey abode. I'm basically Martha Stewart for messy semi-adults.

Since I don't have to train for a marathon right now, I decided to turn off my alarm on Sunday and see what time I woke up, then decide what I wanted to do for a workout. I woke up at 8:45 AM and decided that restorative yoga at 9:15 sounded great, so I went with that. 

Then, after I got back, Theodora tweeted about wanting to bike ride. After figuring out logistics, we met up for a casual ride.

Which turned out to be an intense, resistance-filled push once we turned around and rode back down the West Side Highway. Just a tad bit of wind resistance, as evidenced by my windbreaker plastered to my body.

We refueled at an Irish pub because it turns out the West 30's of Manhattan are not the best place to find food. 

Later on, Theodora texted me this: 

We basically biked through a superstorm. NBD.

Workout Recap

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 4.5 mile easy run in Central Park

The park is so gorgeous these days, I feel like I need to spend every possible morning soaking up the fall colors.

Wednesday: 60 minute personal training session

As a new member at Equinox, you get a complimentary personal training session. We focused on building up glute and hamstring strength as well as some core and upper body work. I won't be leaving Amanda, my trainer, any time soon, but it was a fun workout.

Thursday: 5 mile medium effort run in Central Park

Abby and I met up for some mileage on what turned out to be a crazy warm day for November. I think the temperature hit 63 degrees!

Friday: 3.5 mile progression run in Central Park

"Progression run" because I didn't plan on working out on Friday morning, then I woke up at 7 AM and, for some reason, really wanted to run in Central Park again. Since I'd woken up late, I had to push the pace a bit to ensure I had time to get ready and head to training on time.

Saturday: 60 minute Refine Method class

Three "power" cardio intervals that involved burpees, high knee sprints, and kettlebell swings. And of course, the pain that is lunges, push-ups and planks on sliding discs. Think an exercise is easy? Try adding something that makes your feet/hands slip around! I am still feeling this class. Ouch.

Sunday: (1) 60 minute restorative yoga class (2) 90 minute bike ride (35 minutes easy, 55 minutes hard)

Theodora and I only biked 8 miles, but those last four miles into the wind were rough, especially on my Refine-d legs (AKA super sore from Saturday's class).

I actually had a great time bike riding and want to incorporate outdoor rides into my weekend workouts more often...

How was your weekend? Are you loving the fall colors? Any tips if I want to bike ride more often?


  1. Nice work this week! I couldn't believe how windy it was yesterday. I was out running errands for an hour or so and feared I might blow away. ;) Oh, and let me know what tips people provide in terms of biking more often--we know I need 'em! ;)

  2. Haha I love the line about us whining about Refine for 20 minutes afterwards at brunch. But also - it's completely true. What a butt kicking! I can't believe you went biking the next day for so long and in such windy weather! I would have died - instead I decided to be completely sedentary at home :) Also I LOVE your Central Park photos. So gorgeous.

  3. Wow you had an awesome week of working out! Yay biking! :)