Monday, October 28, 2013

Workout Recap and Weekly Goals: When Work Gets Crazy

Hi all!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I can't believe I haven't written since last Monday. Oops.

Partly, I don't have a ton to say right now (although I still have a few more parts of my road trip to recap). All I've been doing is working, really, and I've been absolutely exhausted since work has been crazy. However, I think this week is going to be a bit lighter, so I'm hopeful I'll have more to report on!

Sunrises are pretty, but less pretty when you're in the office at 7:30 AM and you worked until 2:00 AM... But on the plus side, so far I've been able to do work at night from home, which makes it feel much more manageable! Plus, I'm learning an incredible amount, so I can't complain.

Since my workouts were so sporadic last week, I'm just going to do a short recap, but I'm also going to post goals for this week so that I push myself harder to get to workouts. Even if I'm not getting much sleep, I know I'll feel better throughout the day if I've broken a sweat.

Also, I'm feeling extra inspired after seeing the orange Marathon Route signs up in Central Park. I can't wait to cheer for all my friends running this Sunday!!

Workout Recap

  • Tuesday - 30 minutes cycling + 15 minutes core + 5 minutes stretching
  • Friday - 60 minutes lower body + core strength training with Amanda (15 minutes of which were spent with me listening in via my headphones to a 7 AM conference call that ran over!)
  • Saturday - 20 minutes upper body strength training
  • Sunday - 3.5 miles in Central Park with Julianne (so good to catch up!)

This Week's Goals:

  • 2 runs (3-5 miles each)
  • 1 race (Race to the Finish Line 5K that runs through the NYCM finish line!)
  • 2 strength workouts
  • 1 yoga class

What are your goals this week? How do you fit in workouts when you're crazy busy? Would you ever want to read a "day in the life of a corporate lawyer" post?


  1. Friend, I don't know how you're doing it--7:30a-2a is nuts! When things get busy, I do my best to work out first thing in the morning because I know I won't want to move once work is done. And other things (for me, blogging ;)) get pushed to the backburner. As you know, it's all about prioritizing what's important.

    1. I'm definitely trying to do the morning workouts!! They help so much :)

  2. Work sounds so crazy for you! Not much easing in!
    For me it's just autopilot. When I was working 12 hours 6-7 days a week the months leading to network launch that 4 something alarm was brutal but came routine. And forget trying for after work. Way too beat.
    Ps I am running Saturday as a shakeout for NYCM! Let's see if we can meet!!!

    1. I definitely need to work on making early AM workouts autopilot! I might start a "if you get home before midnight you have to work out" rule.

  3. YES to the day in the life post!!! You're my hero. :)

    1. Aww and your race pace times are MY hero!! :)

  4. I would love to hear about your day! I'm in corporate law in Nashville (I found your blog while studying for the bar exam over the summer) and understand the craziness.

    1. Glad someone else understood the craziness!! I'll work on that this week during down time :)