Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom, Traveling Back to NYC, and Random Happy Things

Happy hump day!

Today I'm flying back to New York City! Yes, my traveling days are over (for 2 weeks, until I head to Chicago to run the totally-not-terrifying distance of 26.2 miles). Well, they're over after I spend today driving, flying, laying over, flying some more, and finally taxiing back to Manhattan.

I start work on Monday (!!!), so I'll be spending the rest of this week trying to get everything in order, and fitting in some time with NYC friends I haven't seen in ages.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday to my amazing mom! It's her birthday today. We celebrated last night, since I am flying back to NYC today. She has always been that person I can count on to have my back and to support me, and knowing I'll always have her love and support has given me the confidence to do things like move across the country for undergrad.

I miss my family a lot when I'm in NYC, but often I'm so busy that I forget just how big of a hole I have without them in my life. I can't wait for the time when we live closer together... hopefully that time will come soon!

Kilos of kisses and hectares of hugs, Mom! Love you!! (P.S. Mason says he misses his Grandma!)

Things Making Me Happy

These four random things are making me happy right now.

Starbucks has Seahawks cards! I got one and loaded it with money, for no reason other than it makes me really happy to pull that out and pay with it. I think I need a real credit card with the Seahawk on it...

These magnets that say "Yay! ____!" I wanted to get about ten of them, but restricted myself to one, and then my sister bought me another. I am now the proud owner of "Yay! Mountains!" and "Yay! Dogs!" magnets. I'm 100% sure my fridge will be mocked by friends and I really don't care. I'm proud of my mountain love.

I got this card for my mom for her birthday. Inside it said "You're aging gracefully, too!"

Honestly it could have said "Get well soon!" and I'd have bought it. I love the expression on the second from the left ... ballerina (?) so much, and I knew my mom would, too. 

Sunsets. I've been lucky enough to see some amazing ones over the past six weeks. You can see great sunsets in NYC, too, of course. But watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean or Puget Sound or Rocky Mountains, rather than New Jersey, is just a totally different game.

What are some random things that are making you happy right now?


  1. Happy birthday, momma Jen! I totally understand how happy the Starbucks card makes you. I have a DD one that's Syracuse basketball themed. :) On a selfish note, I'm glad you're coming back to NYC--you've been missed.

  2. You coming back is making me happy! Safe travels lady, and I best see you at the NYJL tomorrow night. Or else.