Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Mason is wearing his jersey to be patriotic, not as a Patriots fan. 

This afternoon, Sourabh and I are heading to New Jersey to spend the long weekend at his house and on the beach. I can study while lounging on the sand, after all! Don't worry, Mason is coming, too. He's part of the family!

July 4th is actually one of my favorite holidays because I love summer picnic and BBQ foods. There's a family potato salad recipe that is ah-mah-zing. Unfortunately I won't be home in WA to enjoy it! Someday...

Until that day comes, I found a few collections of awesome healthy recipes that I'll be using for our July 4 feast. If you're still scrambling to put something together, check these out!

Cooking Light <--- love the red, white and blue potato salad! <--- grilled corn with chipotle butter, anyone?
Eating Well <--- if I were craftsy enough to make that flag cake I totally would. Someone else do it for me and send a pic?
Greatist <--- raspberry blackberry lemonade sounds super delicious.

PS: don't forget to enter yesterday's Red Mango gift card giveaway!

Enjoy the holiday!!!

What's your favorite holiday? 


  1. OMG, chipotle butter?! YUM! Have so much fun in NJ, friend! I'm back home for the long weekend, and I can't wait for the fam to come over today. My uncle is the master of smoked ribs, hotdogs, pork, you name it, so I'm obviously pumped to eat. ;)

    1. Based on your blog post, it looks like you had a phenomenal weekend with lots of good eats :) Yay!

  2. I love grilled corn! That blackberry lemonade sounds delicious too! Have a great time in NJ.

  3. Great way to improve on corn on the cob, who doesn't want some of that chipotle butter?

    1. I don't eat butter very much (stomach issues, sigh) but when I do, it's for something amazing like chipotle butter :)