Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Racing, Social Pace, and U Studios Yoga

Hi everyone! It's FRIDAY!

Wednesday's JPMorgan Corporate Challenge race has me excited for races this summer. So far, I don't have much on my calendar, and I intend to keep it that way since I'll be concentrating on marathon training. But I do want to add a few, both to integrate into long runs and to use as speed work, which Jess has given the OK to. She'll be sending me the plan for my first week of training on Sunday!!

Mason's got his Oiselle rundies and is also very ready to race.
Yes, I will pay for his dog therapy bills, I promise.

Right now, I'm planning on doing a 10K over July 4 weekend, a few of the Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5Ks, and the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon in August (my sub-2:00 attempt continues!).

I'm using a new site, Social Pace, as I fill out my race calendar. One of the founders, Brett, reached out to me to let me know about the new runners' and triathletes' social network. It allows people to learn about events, share the races they're going to attend, and find run clubs and training teams to join. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and wanted to let you all know about it! (And nope, I wasn't compensated, just thought it was a cool start-up that I wanted to share!)

Here is Brett's description of the site:
SocialPace is the premier online platform making it easier than ever to live an active lifestyle. The SocialPace platform provides its members with the largest database of events, teams, facilities and more, all in the members' local city. SocialPace also enables members of its community to engage with other like-minded, passionate individuals to discuss races, training, reviews, and more. 
If you want to join and "draft" me to your "roster" so we can see each other's events, you can find me here

U Studios Yoga
One other thing I wanted to share before the weekend: a new yoga studio I checked out last week! U Studios is located in SoHo, on Canal Street. It's not the nicest location, but the studio itself is a nice quiet, sun-filled room.

I took a very gentle restorative class and really enjoyed it. There were just two of us, so we both got a lot of individualized attention. Several of the restorative poses at the end we held for quite a while and I could feel how much more relaxed and loosened my body was when I went home to continue studying. Well & Good recently attended one of U's more vinyasa-style classes, and it sounds like the more intense classes are great as well.

The instructor, Henry, had a great vibe -- very relaxed and laid-back, leading us through the flow and moving between demonstrating and walking between us to check on form. Sometimes I feel intimidated in small classes, but the vibe was so chill that it was impossible to feel nervous in any way. I just enjoyed the relaxing class and practically melted into a terrific shavasana at the end.

By the way, if you're in the city tonight, U Studios is co-sponsoring a fundraiser for the victims of the horrific storms that tore through Oklahoma in May. The event looks like a lot of fun and is for a great cause.

Psst ... they also have a Groupon going on right now!

The Facts
Length - 60 minutes
Cost - $10 

Location - SoHo (264 Canal Street, off Lafayette, on the 5th floor)
Skill Level - Anyone!


  1. Mason is killing me with those rundies! And I've definitely walked by that yoga studio before; I lived in that area in one of the NYU dorms two summers ago. Definitely not the best area like you said, lol.

    1. Nope I was a bit nervous going in, but liked the class thankfully :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that site! I'm also not racing as much this summer, but I'm throwing in some 5Ks every so often so Jim and I can race together.

    1. It's always fun to run races with a friend or significant other!!

  3. Sent you a draft!!! I LOVE Social Pace, it's very tempting to sign up for all the events in the area I see on there. It's so nice to have ALL the events in the area in one place.

    And gah I begged Michael for a set of rundies a while back but he was not about to spend that much on underwear lol!

    1. They came up as singles for about $6 each on The Clymb! Great deal :)

      And yes, I feel like it's a really helpful website, made more fun by the social aspect.

  4. SocialPace looks really awesome! I'll have to check that out.

    also i LOVE the rundies. favorite set of undies ever :)

    1. Send me a draft request if you do! And yes, I only have one pair, but I want the whole collection now!!

  5. I was bummed that I didn't get to do the Corporate Challenge in my area this years, but I created my own.... hehe. I talked about it here:

    I always loved seeing the clever tshirts some of the companies come up with.

    Great blog!

    1. Thanks, Sue! I think part of the reason the race went so quickly for me was I was occupied looking at all the fun shirts! I love the name you gave your 5k :)