Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fit Blog Gear Review: Saucony Kinvaras, Reebok SubLites and Yoga LBT

Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite fitness finds from FitBlog 2013! At this point I've been able to wear them enough to truly judge their quality, and I am super happy with these items.

Remember this? Yes, FITNESS Magazine was incredibly generous with giving us an assortment of things to try out. The shoes and top we were given were stand-outs to me and have been added into my regular rotation of workout gear.

Saucony Kinvara 4 running shoes

I am loving these Saucony Kinvara 4's for short runs! They're so easy breezy and the neon yellow is super fun. I need a supportive shoe for longer runs, and need to roll out my foot after running in these for a few days in a row, but these fantastically light shoes are great for short distances.

I normally hate traveling in closed-toed shoes but I wore these on my trip to Cuba for both travel days and a walking-around-town day and felt great. They're just so light, without sacrificing comfort.

Some stats from Saucony:
Offset: 4mmHeel: 22mmForefoot: 18mmWeight: 6.7 oz (women), 7.7 oz (men)The redesigned upper continues to utilize FlexFilm for a lightweight, seamless feel. Kinvara loyalists will love the upgrade from ProGrid to PowerGrid in the heel landing zone for even smoother transitions and an improved overall ride.
I'm thinking these will be my speed and short run shoe, my Mizuno Wave Inspires will be my short-mid distance shoe (4-6 miles), and my Brooks Adrenalines will continue to be my "long" run shoe. Anything at 6 miles or more and I seem to need extra support to avoid foot pain. I know some runners run marathons in these, though, so it's all about what works for your feet.

Reebok Yoga Long Bra Top

I wasn't sure about this Reebok Yoga Long Bra Top tank when I received it. For some reason, it just seemed really shapeless on the hanger. Then I tried it on when my laundry pile was huge and I needed something for a Refine Method class, and lo and behold, it was adorable! I love the cut and how it hangs. It's body-conscious yet roomy in the middle for those days when you don't want something super tight (and after two weeks of vacation and graduation festivities, I didn't really want anything too tight!).

My favorite part is the back detail, though. I love that little triangle cutout!  I assume it would cause weird tan lines if you were working out in the sun, but for indoors workouts, it just looks awesome. This top comes in mint green, which is my current favorite color, so I might need to pick up another one!

The bra top is not that supportive, but as a solid B cup I find it to be fine for a workout like Refine Method, which has some jogging in place and jumping jacks. Wouldn't recommend it for an active workout for someone who needs or likes more support, and I won't be wearing it running, but it'd be fine for yoga even for larger-chested ladies.

(By the way, we also got a Sparkly Soul headband in our FitBlog bag. I've mentioned them before so am not going to review the headband here. But as you can see from my picture of the Reebok top, they are my go-to workout headband, and I love them. Thanks for the sponsorship, Sparkly Soul! I <3 you!)

Reebok SubLite Train 1.0 cross-training shoes

Finally, this is probably my favorite item -- the Reebok SubLite Train 1.0! I love these for cross training. I have terrible balance, in part because my right knee turns inward slightly, which isn't great for any kind of balance-oriented exercise. It's hard for me to get the full benefit of a lot of exercises when I'm standing on my right leg. I've had way fewer issues, however, since I started using these since they provide much greater stability!

From Reebok:
  • Medial support harness keeps your foot centered for stability
  • 3D SubLite foam midsole for lightweight cushioning that is responsive and durable
  • Raised dual density heel counter for the added stability you need for lateral workout movements
My trainer, Amanda, actually pointed them out and said she loved them when I wore them to a training session. Obviously the mint green laces and accents are also awesome! These are fine for some brief cardio moves, like jogging in place at Refine Method, but ideally shouldn't be worn for running. These should last me a while, but I've been pleased enough with them that whenever they wear out, I plan on getting another pair.

Do you have separate cross-training shoes? What shoes are you running in right now? Do you use different short and long run shoes?


  1. Woohoo for shoegeeking out! ;) I raced in my Kinvaras this Saturday and absolutely loved them. Like you wrote, Jen, I don't wear them for regular run workouts, but they work great as a racing shoe. I should be getting the new Saucony Ride 6's for my everyday training shoe, and I also really like Brooks' Glycerin as a street shoe--it's super comfy!

  2. Mint green is deff an AWESOME color, I love how much of it I saw of it this Spring. Bummer it isn't very complimentary color for me =/ I still think those shoes for swag are too cool. Love it!