Monday, May 6, 2013

Workout Recap and Weekly Goals: Race Cheering

Happy Monday!

I spent the weekend in New Jersey, helping friends carb load for Sunday's half-marathon then cheering bright and early on Sunday morning. It was so much fun to cheer so many people on!!

The start line

It also confirmed my decision not to run. There was no point this weekend where I wanted to run 13.1 miles. Plenty of times where I felt sad that I hadn't met my goal after all the training I've done since January. Plenty of times where I was honestly jealous of the killer PR success I saw on the race course, although that didn't stop me from also being crazy proud of those friends and screaming for them like a maniac.

But not once did I want to actually run a half marathon. So I know I did the right thing by not running.

Beth, Liz, Nicole and I rented a car and spent the night before the race at Nicole's parents' house in New Jersey. After meeting at the car rental place, we headed straight to the expo and start line, which were at the Monmouth Race Track. I was shocked by the rudeness of one of the jockeys there when we went to pick up bibs.

I mean really, how inappropriate, right? Yes, I'm 12, don't laugh at me.

After the expo, I got my first Jersey Shore experience. As in, we had lunch on the Jersey Shore. It was beautiful! I was kind of shocked, actually. Now I definitely want to spend a weekend or two there this summer.

After lunch, we picked up some necessities at Target. And by necessities, I mean I got the most amazing Star Trek tee and and one that had the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it (AKA the government agency from the Avengers). Yes I will be wearing the Star Trek tee to the opening day showing of Star Trek Into Darkness that I will definitely be attending. Don't hate.

Jess also spent the night with us, taking a train out later in the day. After a dinner of pizza and prosecco (more for the non-runners than the runners, of course), we all headed to bed to try to sleep. And by that I mean I think I got about 3 hours altogether before it was go-time at 4 AM.

One of the downsides of a suburban race course is that a huge number of roads have to be shut down, meaning you have to get there extra early to avoid all the traffic. The start time was already 6:45, so that meant we left at 5:15 AM. Ouch.

Michelle, having a crazy amount of energy at 7 AM

Jess and I found Michelle, who'd taken the 5 AM train, then headed to the designated 5.5 mile meeting point where we eventually met up with Abby, Theodora, Leticia, Meggie, Jocelyn, and Kara. We then headed from 5.5 to mile 8 after all the runners we knew had passed (although we cheered for everyone, of course). The course was really curvy, which made it easier to get from point to point for spectators.

Since the course is so suburban, there didn't seem to be much crowd support, so it was great to see the smiles on runners' faces when they saw us cheering for them.

I hopped in for 2 miles with Liz at mile 8 because she needed a bit of a pick-me-up after a hard start. It was my first time running since the Nike Half, and things felt totally fine. In fact, after I left her at mile 10, I waited for Nicole and then jumped in for half a mile with her as well, before heading to the finish line.

Theodora, Leticia, Jen (who subbed-2 and majorly PR'd as a birthday present to herself), me, Jess, and Nicole
(photo source: Jen)

Yes, I wore a tutu and bright green sunglasses. I also wore the Star Trek tee over a long sleeved top, but it was pretty chilly so I had an extra top on for a lot of the morning.

I totally crashed after getting back to the city, but it was an awesome weekend with runner friends. I was so proud of so many people for absolutely kicking ass! Of the girls I stayed with, Beth PR'd like woah after an amazing training cycle. Nicole ran basically the same time as her previous PR after having been out of training for weeks due to injury. Liz kept going despite having some rough early miles -- she pushed through and finished hard (and had made her goal to have a fun training cycle so wasn't looking to PR anyway).

So, after that lengthy non-racing race recap, how were my workouts last week?

Workout Recap

Monday: Rest. (day after Nike Half)

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: Physical therapy appointment including PT exercises.

Thursday: 60 minutes strength training with trainer. 5 minute, 0.5 mile warm-up run. Focused on core, glutes, hamstrings, and inner thighs. Felt nice and sore the next day -- not debilitatingly, just in that "I worked hard" way. It was great to sweat again.

Friday: 45 minute spin (Real Ride at Revolve with Steph Nieman). Fantastic class with a great playlist. Steph is a phenomenal instructor who really pushes you and it felt great on my slightly sore legs from Thursday's workout.

Saturday: 4 minute plank. Only including this because it's the longest I've ever done!

Sunday: 2.5 mile run. Hopped in with Liz and later with Nicole to give them an extra boost. First time running since the Nike DC Half and legs felt great!

Weekly Goals

This week, I'm doing lots of different strength workouts, and I'll run if/when I want to. I also want to get to at least one yoga class.

• 3 strength workouts
• 2 runs (?)
• 1-2 yoga classes
• 1 spin class (?)

What are your workout goals for this week? Have you ever cheered at a race? 


  1. Aw, looks like you girls had such a fun weekend! The fist picture of you and the jockey kills me!

  2. Best spectators ever! Thank you Name Twin! xox