Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Bits & Pieces: Graduation Week

This post is all over the place, but that's how my week has been, literally. I started it in Cuba and will be ending it in Canada. Oh, and I'm graduating from law school today!

I got back from Cuba late Monday night, celebrated Sourabh's birthday with him on Tuesday (low-key since he's in the middle of the writing competition for journals at Columbia), then ran errands and cleaned our apartment Wednesday before my parents arrived last night. Phew!

I was so frazzled today that I completely forgot about my date with Carrie to do some much-needed Trader Joe's shopping!! The biggest apologies ever, Carrie, and thanks for being so understanding :) We'll be meeting up before book club next weekend. For those reading Savor, how are you liking it??

My parents are here now and I'm so excited for the short road trip we're taking after my graduation. We're going up to Montreal and Quebec! Anyway, to recap the post-Cuba and pre-graduation part of my week, here's what happened.

Sourabh was craving some top notch pizza for his birthday, so we headed to Motorino on the Lower East Side. It was fantastic. I got the Ramp Pizza and Sourabh had the Brussels Sprouts pizza without pancetta (he doesn't eat beef or pork). Both were great, but my ramp pizza was definitely the winner. The place was cute, too, without being kitschy. I'd definitely go back!

While in Cuba, there were a few things I really missed. Easily available fruit and veggies and iced coffee, to mention a few! It was crazy to me how little vegetables are in most cuban dishes -- it's very starch-heavy.

So the morning after I got home, the first thing I had was a bowl of plain Chobani Greek yogurt with some KIND granola (from FitBlog!) and a giant heap of raspberries. It was so satisfying!!

I also missed sweating a lot, despite running a very sweaty mile on the Malecon (the seaside promenade). Unfortunately, I didn't head out early enough, and even at 7:30 AM I was sweating buckets. Plus, the promenade isn't well-kept, so I stumbled quite a few times. Still, it's pretty cool to be able to say I went for a run in Cuba!!

I got back into the sweaty swing of things Wednesday by taking a fantastic spin class at Flywheel UWS with my friend Hana, taught by the amazing Dani Devine. Hana just graduated from UVA Law and just got back from Spain, so we had lots to catch up on! I'm taking a Refine Method class today, too, to make sure I get strength training in as well.

Oh yeah, another thing I missed. Hi cute face. Is there anything as great as how excited a dog is to see you when you get home from a trip, by the way??

And check out the sister cats, Bea and Betty, acting too cool for school. I know you missed me, cats. I'm the only one who pets Bea at 2 AM when she meows for attention...

I'm graduating this afternoon, so I will likely have a ton of photos tomorrow on the blog. I'll try to Instagram in real time, though, so follow along there if you're curious about what a law school graduation looks like! Hint: we wear funny robes and hats.

Do you have pets who miss you when you're gone? Do you miss certain foods when you travel?


  1. Have so much fun with your parents and GRADUATING today! We'll definitely catch up when you return from Canada! :) PS - That pizza looks absolutely delicious.

    1. It was SO good. Definitely a foodie-worthy stop!

  2. Congrats on graduation!!! So exciting. And I know what you mean about eating starch heavy for a while, your body totally craves some sweat and fresh fruits and veggies.

    1. Yes!! It was so good to sweat it out in Flywheel and eat a ton of fresh stuff when I got back.

  3. Jen!! Congratulations! Very excited for you, and your slam packed week!

    There is just something about fresh veggies, if I don't eat much greens in a while I find myself with a heaping salad. It's a good thing in my opinion.

    As for Savor, I am slowly making my way through it, but it has a lot of great information and I find myself being much more mindful of what I stick in my mouth (most times ;) )

    1. Thank you! It's been a slow read for me as well, but I'm enjoying it!

  4. Ahh! I love Motorino! They have the best crust ever ever ever.

    I've already said it, but... CONGRATULATIONS.

    I dream of my graduation day (2 years away). So it's with well wishes and also a little jealousy that I say that. So happy for you!