Monday, April 22, 2013

Workout Recap and Weekly Goals: Feeling Lucky

I had a gorgeous long run on Sunday. It was beautiful, I ran part of it with a friend, and the run encouraged me again with regards to the NJ Half. 

But most of all it reminded me of how lucky I feel that none of those I knew at the marathon were harmed. My friend I was running with had a classmate who had been injured while spectating at the Boston Marathon.

So that's how I exit this week. Feeling incredibly lucky and rejuvenated and strong, but also very reflective every time I run.

Workout Recap

Monday: Tempo run (8 miles). Amazing run. (1 w/u) 9:28, (2) 8:49, (3) 9:03, (4) 9:02, (5) 8:56, (6) 8:57, (7) 8:39, (8) 8:37

Tuesday: Run for Boston (3 miles). Ran in a race shirt with friends in honor of those harmed in the attacks on Boston.

Wednesday: Short progression run & Uplift strength class (45 min). Ran with a speedy friend and was shocked by how easy the pace felt -- I was able to chat while we ran! (1) 9:05, (2) 8:33, (3) 8:36

In the strength workout, I used heavy weights (for me) but took it a bit easier on the cardio intervals since I'd just come from a speed session.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Strength session with trainer (1 hour). Focus on core, inner thighs, glutes, and hamstrings. Definitely distracted throughout as we discussed the insanity of this past week.

Saturday: Dirty Dozen & Body Ride at Revolve (45 min)Great playlist. I liked this class better than the Rip Ride I took last Sunday, in part I think because the playlist was more my style. Also, Jason was fabulous, which helped a lot.

Sunday: Long run (12 miles). Beautiful but chilly spring day. Ran north from 96th st to the George Washington Bridge and back down, then south to 72nd St and back up again. Met a friend at 102nd St and she joined me for 7 miles. So good to have company!!
Pretty severe headwind going north which is reflected in our splits (starred miles are those going into wind -- the difference is pronounced!). Tried to finish with some tempo-ish miles but the wind for the last 1.5 miles interfered with that.
(1) 8:43 - think Garmin was slightly off on this one, (2) 9:18*, (3) 9:34*, (4) 9:30*, (5) 9:31*, (6) 9:24*, (7) 9:19, (8) 9:16, (9) 9:07, (10) 8:48, (11) 9:07*, (12) 8:56
Happy overall, however. No aches and/or pains and I felt like I had something left in the tank when I finished!
Total Mileage = 26 miles

Goals for this Week
I was really happy with how this week's workouts went. Although I didn't do yoga, I still did my physical therapy exercises and made a concerted effort to stretch and foam roll before and after runs. 
Here are my goals for this week:
• 1 long run (DC Half Marathon)
• 1 shakeout run
• 1 speed work session and/or tempo run
• 2 yoga classes
• 1 spin class

How was your weekend? What are your workout goals for this week?


  1. Every workout I completed this week post-Boston reminded me how lucky I am that none of my family members, friends, or teammates were injured and that I have a body capable of exercise; it really puts things into perspective. I'm so excited for your DC running adventure!

  2. Great run sorry to have missed it - but glad it is all coming together and pain free!