Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekly Goals and Workout Recap: Rusty Running

A spring-like picture because I *think* it's finally spring in NYC! 
After close to four weeks where I felt either exhausted during a run or felt some pain, I felt almost scared of running this week. I'd had knee pain that refused to go away during a 3.5 mile run last Sunday, so I wanted to be cautious, but I also was just feeling like no run was going my way so I avoided running.

Until Sunday. I have a 10 mile race this Sunday, so I knew I needed to get outside and get at least a few miles in. My run was tough for the first few miles, since a run after some time off always feels rusty. But I kept a 9:08 average pace, hitting an 8:51 in the last mile, which made me feel a lot better about where I am fitness-wise, despite essentially not running for two weeks.

PS -- today is Foodie Pen Pal reveal day, but I'm postponing that till tomorrow because I wanted to recap last week's workouts and post my goals for this week, rather than waiting until Tuesday for that. I got a great box and am excited to share it tomorrow!

Workout Recap

Monday: 30 min. yoga and foam rolling. Focused on IT bands, which I thought were possible culprit behind knee pain (think this might be true).

Tuesday: Strength workout with Abby. 10 min. elliptical w/u. Focused on heavier weights and fewer reps -- weighted lunges, hamstring curls, deadlifts, chest flies, and bicep curls all made an appearance.

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Refine Method class. My first time back at Refine in a while and it was a great class! Felt quite sore by the evening in all the right places (AKA running muscles, what I want to strengthen!).

20 min. elliptical. Did a brief cross-training session to work out some lactic acid in the legs and see how they felt.

Saturday: Refine Method class. Any time Brynn, Refine's founder, is teaching, it's always a good workout. Her abs section was much tougher than the typical Refine class's abs work (which is my only real complaint about these classes). I loved feeling the burn! Also walked 3 miles with my dog.

Sunday: 5 mile race pace run. While I'm hoping to run a bit faster than 9:08 at the NJ Half in May, I considered a 9:08 average pace to be a "race pace." This run was hard at first because my legs were so rusty (and I was starting on the rolling hills in Central Park), but felt great by the end! Splits were: (1) 9:03, (2) 9:14, (3) 9:18, (4) 9:14, (5) 8:51.

Weekly Goals

My yoga goals from last week failed because my trainer didn't teach her class on Monday and Sunday's brunch ran long so I didn't have time to both run and hit a 4:30 yoga class. I think I can only get in one class, so otherwise will be focusing on getting in lots of stretching and foam rolling as I ramp up training again!

Here's what I want to accomplish:
• 1 speed session
• 1 easy-ish 5 mile run
•10 mile run (Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC!)
• 2-3 strength workouts
• yoga!

What are your goals for this week? Have you ever felt "scared" of running?


  1. Hope your knee starts feeling better! My IT band has been bothering me a lot lately. I really wanted to run Cherry Blossom but I just made the trek to DC last week and that's a lot in a short amount of time (plus, my wedding is in 33 days but who's counting!)

  2. You are being smart - best to be cautious with injuries (although I am awful with that myself). The running will come back in no time. Best of luck and sending good thoughts your way!

    Last year I was out for 6 weeks with an undiagnosed "overuse" injury. They scared the crap (pardon the language) out of me saying they thought I had a hip stress fracture. That stopped me dead in my tracks until I had the MRI to rule it out. Coming back from that injury and time off definitely made me stronger!

  3. Race week, race week! Sending positive vibes your way and hoping your knee pain vanishes soon. Random: Loved that you and Abby focused on high weights and low reps for your strength training workout. That's what my coach has me doing, and it definitely works!

  4. Great job on that race paced run! That's not easy after taking some time off.