Friday, April 26, 2013

To Race or Not To Race

Tomorrow I'm heading to DC again, driving down with Lynette and Julianne and meeting up with a whole bunch of other fabulous girls, to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon DC. This race should be awesome -- it ends with a Tiffany's necklace instead of a medal!

Last time I was in DC, the issue of whether or not to race was clear. I was coming off sickness, my legs had been all wonky, and I generally knew that racing 10 miles was a terrible idea.

How I was feeling that day

This time? Totally unclear whether or not to run. I've had some amazing runs in the past two weeks. I think I can gun for that sub-2:00 that I want so bad. But before that, I had a few weeks of aches and pains. I was sick and exhausted for most of March and the beginning of April.

So am I ready to race this Sunday? Or should I wait until the NJ Long Branch Half the following Sunday?

What I've decided to do is something totally unlike me -- I'm not planning this out.

I'll be seeing the Capitol at dawn again - win? I think?

I'm going to prep for race day like normal and then, in mile 1, I'm going to see how I feel. If my legs are feeling fresh and happy and desperate for some speed, then away I'll go. If they feel heavy, then I'll just long run it and conserve energy for NJ. Hopefully I'm here Monday morning with a glorious, kick-ass recap. But I might just be telling you about a fun training run I had.

Until approximately 7:15 AM on Sunday morning, I won't know if I'm racing or not. And for once, that uncertainty is totally okay with me. If you'd like to track me (and guess what decision I made), you can do so at, but it's not a normal tracking system so you have to be up at 7 AM on Sunday. I won't be mad if you're not, promise.

So... here goes nothing! Wish me luck :)

Have you ever gone into a race unsure of if you'd be racing it or not?


  1. I never go into a race deciding ahead of time whether to race it. There are SO many unpredictable factors! I like your strategy best - of seeing how the first 10% or so goes, then deciding from there.

  2. Either way - we're gonna have a great weekend :)

  3. Yeees. This was my experience last weekend. I decided ON THE STARTLINE that I was gonna go for it. And I got my PR. You can totally do this! You just have to give yourself a chance. We only have so many chances.

  4. Yep, make it a race-day decision. You'll know within the first few miles what your legs are capable of that day. Can't wait to hear how it goes and have so much fun!

  5. If you are feeling good go for it! But I know what you mean, that is how I headed into Asbury last weekend. Mile 1 I knew there was no way a PR was happening my legs were like lead and I had intense wind to decided to just ease my way through the race a PR was another day.
    If you aren't fighting to get on pace to sub 2 go for it. And even better - since there is always NJ - maybe run without a watch and really run by feel and see what happens!
    Can't wait to hear how it goes, have FUN and GOOD LUCK!

  6. You got this! I'm so pumped to hear about your run!

  7. Awesome bling either way!! Love this. I always say I will see how it goes, and then normally find myself racing it anyways. Have fun my dear, can't wait to hear how it goes

  8. You'll have a great time whether you race or not. Wish I could be there too but I have a wedding to get ready for :)
    Good luck!

  9. oh my god you mean you didn't time this out yet?! JK girl..looking forward to a fabulous weekend with you!