Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Can't Clean, Birch Box, and my Favorite Water Bottle

First off, yesterday I forgot to mention a key detail about Mason eating a pack of gum (AKA the kitties' first assassination attempt of 2013). 

He got into the gum while I was doing a deep cleaning of the kitchen for the first time in ages. I always do the pots and pans and rinse out the sink, but I hadn't scrubbed the oven or cabinet doors in months. I was so intent on scrubbing, I didn't see the cats putting their nefarious plot into action and knocking my gum on the floor for Mason to eat. 

"Mom, please don't clean. For me."
Basically, I now believe that I should never clean again, or I risk putting my dog in danger. It's a pretty clear correlation, right? Right.

Birch Box
Now, on to my Birch Box review. I signed up for Birch Box because it sounded like a fun thing to receive once a month and it was only $10. For $10, I'm okay if I only love a few of the products. It's just fun to get a bunch of little samples in the mail, but a lot of the other subscription boxes are a bit too expensive for me, since I don't know if I'll love the things inside them.

Since I wasn't sure what I'd think, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got! My favorites were the Malin + Goetz peppermint shampoo (love peppermint and Malin + Goetz products are fabulous) and the Mighty Leaf tea, a favorite of mine but too expensive for me to drink on the regular.

I am also liking the eye cream for mornings, but I'm sticking with my heavier eye cream for nights. Haven't used the shaving cream or nail polish yet, but they seem fine. The nail polish changes color in the sun! I'll take pictures and share if that works well.

My Favorite Water Bottle
While we're on the topic of products, I realized I've never shared my favorite water bottle in the world! I own three of these -- one for the bedside table, one for gym and general drinking, and one for the office or school -- and have used them for almost four years.
Copco tumblers are fantastic and they are all under $10 each. They're not totally leak-proof, but if you knock it over and have the top screwed on, it's not going to go spilling everywhere. And I drink so much more water when I have these hanging around! I replace them once a year for hygiene reasons.

Do you subscribe to Birch Box? What's your favorite kind of water bottle?


  1. My sister subscribes to Birch Box and absolutely *loves* it. My parents actually got her a year's subscription for her birthday. And in terms of water bottles, I've been carting around my Seneca7 nalgene for one year now. (This year's race was actually Sunday, so it's been a little more than one year, ha!) Have to stay hydrated! :)

  2. The fact you keep the same water bottle for an entire year is an accomplishment within itself ;) And I had one of those deep cleaning moments today. I looked around and was just like where did all this stuff come from? Gahhhh