Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NYC Half - Race Week

It's race week, meaning most of the time, I'm feeling nervous. Butterflies in the stomach without thinking about the race specifically. And I keep checking the weather forecast, which continually changes.

Not loving that forecast. What if Saturday's weather moves to Sunday?  Or it gets colder and the hills make my breathing tough? SO MANY THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT.

Trying to remember this. (source)

Since I have no control over the weather, I'm (trying) to concentrate on the things I can control: what to wear (changing daily with the forecast), hydrating constantly, getting enough sleep, and eating well. Yesterday was a huge success in the eating well department. I'd say I deserve a cookie, but that kind of defeats the point. 

So that's basically where my mind is. I keep vacillating between, "I'm so ready! Bring it! I'mma rock these 13 miles!" to "Really? You think you can break 2:00? Hah. Hahaha."  Ugh, hate that judgmental bitch who sits in my head sometimes.

Pretty sure the judgmental bitch would look like Bea, who is such a bitchy kitty. She reaches out and swipes at the dog's tail when he passes by. Just because.

I do wonder why I'm trying for such a big goal, knocking almost 10 minutes off my October time at Grete's Gallop, my first half (where I had no Garmin and did not know what my time was until I got home and checked it - ignorance is bliss?).

But hey, when I applied to my undergrad college, an Ivy League school on the East Coast, I was a high school student from a farm town in rural Washington State. I thought I had no chance of getting in, but I did. Dreaming big hasn't hurt me in the past so why would I stop that when it comes to running?

So I'm trying to embrace my big dream. I put in the work during training, I tried to listen to and care for my body through the process, and now I just need to rest, stretch, and drink lots of water.

When's the last time you dreamed big? Did it work out? Wait, don't tell me if it didn't...


  1. You're going to do great! I'm totally rooting for you!
    And the last time was when I signed up for my first half. I completed it. And I did it 30 minutes faster than I thought!

  2. I've put some lofty goals out there and have missed them - but still did better than I ever though I would. So, no harm in dreaming big! I've learned a lot from missing goals and it's help me take focus off of time and onto enjoyment of racing (which then leads to better times)... Good luck!

  3. Whether it rains, snows, or is perfect I know you have a sub-2 in you! Just remember to enjoy the race and to conserve in the beginning! See you out there :)

  4. Yes to dreaming big! You can do it :) I know my goal is definitely ambitious for my first half, but it's much more fun having a big goal!

  5. I know all too well what you mean about the person in your head.
    I am doubting my abilities to sub 2 next weekend and I did it a few times in the fall - a couple weekends back to back.
    Just try to stay confident and visualize your race! That is what I spent a lot of time doing prior to the marathon, getting into a meditative state and visualizing the outcome.
    You've so got this!

  6. You will do great this weekend! You put in the time and training--it will be so much fun to see your hard work pay off. :) I always alternate between nervousness and excitement (or a strange combo!) during race week. When I get anxious, I tell myself it's storage adrenaline that will come in handy during the event. ;)