Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exciting Sister News!!

Nothing much to update on since I spent most of yesterday in bed trying to beat this cold/conjunctivitis into submission. I even have the wound to prove it -- I have an extremely swollen left eye that makes me look like I have some terrible disease. It's actually kind of hilarious and Sourabh and I keep laughing at my one swollen eye. The other one is completely fine for some reason.

Anyway, like I said, swollen eyes are pretty much what's up in the Mishette household (that would be our last names, combined).

So I hope you won't mind if I share something that I'm excited about -- my sister just got engaged! Priyanka and her boyfriend fiance, Jason, have been dating for five years. Jason is a great guy and I have even gone so far as to refer to him as Uncle Jason when he's playing with Mason. Oh, you didn't know that was how dog relations worked?

It looks like Mason is snarling in this picture, but he isn't, I promise. 
Jason proposed while they were up in Vancouver, British Columbia, for a mini getaway. Priyanka and Jason go up to Vancouver for a couple days at least once a year, so I thought that was great -- they'll have something wonderful to remember every time they go up there!

This wasn't a total shock since they'd been talking about it and my parents let me in on the secret that Jason had told them he was going to propose. But it was still awfully exciting to get the pictures and hear about how it all went down!! I just wish I lived closer and could celebrate with them!

Congrats, you guys!!! They haven't set a date yet but it'll probably be August or September next year since those are the only two months that are reliably nice in WA. I'm thinking Priyanka will have to buy a dress in NYC just so I can take part in the trying-on of dresses!!


  1. That is so exciting! I'm hoping my sister gets engaged soon so that we can have some wedding planning fun :)
    And sending well wishes your way!!

    1. Thanks, Gianna!! I'm her maid of honor so I'm going to get lots of fun planning happening soon :)

  2. So exciting! Congrats to your sister!

  3. Yayyyyy!!! Such a fun stage of life :) Tell her not to get too overwhelmed with wedding planning from the get go, but to just spend a little time enjoying being engaged. It only happens once!

  4. Yaya--congrats to your sister! A trip to Kleinfeld is definitely in order! :)