Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Goals and Workout Recap: Yoga, New Friends, and Long Awards Shows

Happy Monday everyone!

My weekend was started by a fantastic long run on Friday, which I will be writing about tomorrow because seriously, this run was just great. Although I'm feeling some hamstring pain that has me concerned... will update on that when I'm more clear on what's happening!

Long run greatness segued into movie watching with my friend Sarah, which led into a lazy Saturday after my planned busy day fell through and I got to finish some errands.

Including taking selfies with Mason to send to Sourabh, who was in Oregon for a moot court tournament. Mason, however, has an anti-selfie policy and spoiled my plan.

I always like to have a day with barely anything planned and a day filled with friends on the weekends. Having both rest and social days makes me feel recharged for the coming week.

So I woke up early on Sunday to take Katherine's demo TRX class at Pedal NYC. The class was tough, but fun and a great start to the day. We caught up over coffee at Bouchon Bakery after before I met my friend Flora to walk Mason throughout Central Park.

Flora hanging with Mr Mason (who is literally hanging) 
Flora and I are friends from undergrad (freshman floor buddies for the win!), and she recently got into Columbia Law! Hence the sweatshirt, a gift from a friend. I am so excited for her to start there, although I wish our time had overlapped.

After our walk, I headed downtown to Strala Yoga, my favorite yoga studio in NYC. It had been forever since I'd been there and it was so nice to get back. Even better, I met up with Michelle in person for the first time!

post-class smiles
(photo credit: Michelle)
It was so good to meet and she was super sweet, so I can't wait to get together again. She also ran a super speedy 10K trial run on Saturday through the Central Park loop, so I couldn't believe how well she rocked class! Also she is another tall girl -- can't lie, I love not being the tallest one occasionally.

our Oscar spread: crusty bread, assorted cheeses, olives, gigande beans, grapes, prosecco and macarons from Bouchon 
I finished the weekend by having Sarah over again to watch the Oscars. Seth MacFarlane was actually pretty funny, I thought, despite my initial misgivings. Sadly, I was off on my Best Director and Best Actress picks (my runner up picks won, though, so yay?). I do adore Jennifer Lawrence, so I was happy to see her win!

Sourabh got home in time for the awards and got 19/24 correct to win the night. My first year not winning. BOO. I'll get him next year.

So, on to this past week's workouts and the coming week's goals.

Weekly Workout Recap
Due to the tugging feeling I felt in my hamstring, I skipped the 5 miles I had on the schedule for Sunday, but I completed all my other planned workouts. I've had such a good training cycle so far, I don't want to risk all my hard work by pushing it. Otherwise, I had a great week.

Monday: Fly 45 spin class.

Tuesday: Easy 3 mile on TM run at 0.5% incline and 9:39 pace. Ran this while chatting with Abby who was on the elliptical since she's been dealing with some shin pain. Finished with short core work, foam rolling, and yoga.

Wednesday: Refine Method class.

Thursday: 9x400 speed work on TM at 0.5% incline with .75m w/u at 10:00 then repeats at 8:00 (with 2 at 7:45 and 1 at 7:30) and .25m recoveries in between at 10:00. Also spent this speed work chatting with Abby while she elliptical-ed away.

Friday: 11.07 mile Long Run at 9:42 pace through Central Park. Like I said, fantastic run that gave me a lot of mental strength for the rest of the cycle. Splits: (1) 9:38, (2) 10:04, (3) 9:45, (4) 10:01, (5) 9:56, (6) 9:35, (7) 9:23, (8) 9:27, (9) 9:42, (10) 9:35, (11) 9:51, (.07) 6:58.

Saturday: Short core circuit, repeated twice. Isolated bicycles (20 ea side), glute kick-backs (20 ea side), side plank-ups (20 ea side), glute lifts with leg up (20 ea side), medicine ball-to-legs sit-ups (20 ea side), push-ups (20 ea side), "super man" (30 sec). Finished with plank for time and stretching.

Sunday: (1) TRX Class at Pedal NYC. (2) RELAX Yoga Class at Strala Yoga.

Total Mileage = 19 miles

This Week's Goals
Biggest goal is obviously to be safe about my hamstring, but I also want to keep my mileage up since it was a bit low last week.

I also want to work on eating as clean as possible for the next three weeks before the NYC Half. I eat pretty healthy, but I want to be at peak performance for the half, and that means cleaning up my diet as much as possible. So no more cheese nights!

My goal workouts are:
• 1 long run (12 miles)
• 1 speed work session (10x400 or tempo run, possibly both?)
• 2 short runs (1 3-miler and 1 5-miler)
• 1 race pace run (5 miles)
• 2 strength workouts
• foam rolling and yoga-ing consistently

Did you watch the Oscars? What are your workout goals for this week?


  1. I think you and Michelle will get along famously!

    Be careful with that hammy this week.

  2. Um you best be careful with your hamstring! You so do not want to risk that especially with a half coming up. (If I sound like a mom, good. I am one lol)

    And yes, being tall is great, but it makes it tough to wear heels when you are taller than your husband and incidentally every man in the room when you do. Great when you are trying to look over a crowd though ;)

  3. Awesome job on your mileage.. you are going to do great at the Half! Better to keep yourself healthy than risk an injury so take it easy!

  4. Can't wait to read more about your long run! Also, as a fellow tall girl, I love meeting more of our kind. ;) Be careful with your hamstring!

  5. I got Best Director wrong too but as an NYU alum I'm proud of Ang Lee!

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