Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Case of the Valentine's Day Pastry Thief

Happy (day after) Valentine's Day! A day often filled with post-sugar-overload hangovers. Or real hangovers, depending on how you choose to celebrate (no judgment). Seriously, I hope everyone had a great day and spent it with people you love (romantically or otherwise).

I sent my family this collage as a valentine. My mom always used to give my sister and I valentines and I loved it as a kid because my classes tended not to have mandatory-cards-for-all, so I was happy to get a little something special. I think it's sweet to remind your family how much you love them, even though, of course, we should do this every day!

It's been a loooong week. I've been able to get all my planned runs and workouts in so far, including a pre-sunrise run Thursday morning when I met up with Julianne, who just ran her first marathon in Miami! I seriously love meeting other bloggers, they're always so much fun. And there was no way I would have woken up at 6:20 AM if not for her.

sunrise in Central Park
Oh, and don't worry mom, pre-sunrise means pre-sun-rising-above-buildings. It was still plenty light out!

BUT all of this means that I have also been sleep-deprived, so I skipped my evening seminar last night in favor of making a homemade pizza for Sourabh and I to share and calling it an early night. We caught up on some shows, gave some much-needed attention to Mason, and finished off the giant brownie I baked him.

is it bedtime yet?

The Case of the Valentine's Day Pastry Thief
It's a day late, but I wanted to share the story of my freshman year Valentine's Day because it's kind of ridiculous. My best friend from undergrad, Katie, is a fantastic baker. She baked a variety of things and had a plate of them for me and for a guy friend of ours.

I was firmly convinced at the advanced age of 18 that I would never meet anyone who loved me and would end up alone and eaten by wild dogs (bonus points to the person who can identify that reference). So Valentine's Day sent me into a tailspin of teen angst.

an accurate depiction of my fragile emotional state on that day 

I'm not sure where it came from, but there was an enormous amount of candy in my dorm room, in addition to the cookies Katie had given me. I decided I needed to drown my sorrows in sugar, so I ate, like, all of it. Huge quantities of candy and baked goods. I was basically bouncing off the walls from the sugar high.

me, on my epic sugar high
And then, logically, I started crashing from my sugar high and getting emotional and even more angsty than before (I think there was some crying over Grey's Anatomy involved?). Only I couldn't go out to find more sugar because we were snowed in by the Valentine's Day Blizzard of 2007.

So... I went into our guy friend's dorm room to steal his baked goods because I was desperate for sugar (no one on my freshman floor really locked their doors). Serious addict behavior right there, I know. He came back to a partially eaten treat plate. And immediately guessed it was me.

a muppet version of me ... this was the best I could do when searching for "cookie thief"
Obviously, I did have the common decency to later make it up to him with some other treats or something (this was 7 years ago and I have a terrible memory). Katie and I still refer to this incident every Valentine's Day.

Anyway, I'm off to a full day of classes and then a friend from undergrad is visiting the city and I'm taking her to Refine Method! I love a good sweat date. (Er, that sounds a bit inappropriate actually...)

Do you have a three-day weekend? Any ridiculous Valentine's Day stories (that you're willing to share)??


  1. My parents were great about the Valentines too. I always got like the dollar box of chocolates with the four pieces at breakfast every Feb. 14th.

    But oh this is too funny!! And that's one of the perks of being out early! Gorgeous sun rises. Obviously I'm a SAHM soooo there's no such thing as a weekend for me. Such is life

    1. Oh yes, loved those!! Chocolate in a box always seemed so refined ;)

  2. My parents used to send me V-Day care packages in college. Heck, they still do! Er, Zelda did. ;) I'm so pumped for this three-day weekend--and for our run tomorrow!

    1. Haha aww that's adorable. Technically I don't have a three day weekend but since Monday I don't have class until the evening, I kind of always have a three day weekend... Perks of being a student!