Friday, December 14, 2012

Reflecting on Running in 2012

After seeing this survey on "your 2012 in running," I thought it'd be a fun survey to fill out and share as well. I love filling out surveys and forms -- they're like tests, but you know all the answers!

I wanted to do this even more after my run yesterday afternoon. I spent an hour crying and writing a farewell post to my cat back home in Washington, thinking about all his funny quirks that I'd miss so much when I'm home. But then I had to pull myself together for a phone call to discuss the pro bono research I'll be doing for an organization over break. I was able to sound fine on the phone, but I still felt so heavy that I wanted to get outside and run.

it's hard to feel sad when you have this kind of view staring you in the face 
I call runs like these "therapy runs." There's no goal and I'll only go for a few miles -- I just want to get outside and get moving in the beautiful city. It clears my head and reminds me of how much beauty there is out there. I stopped a few times during my run just to stare at the gorgeous sunset over the Manhattan skyline. 

The run just reminded me of why I love running so much and how lucky I feel to have "discovered" it.

2012 Running Survey

Best race experience? I'm not sure, especially since I still have two races left! I didn't love running Grete's Great Gallop (two loops of Central Park = ouch), but I did love completing my first half-marathon. I'd probably have to say my best race experience was the 5 mile Join the Voices! race in Central Park where I broke the 9 minute mark.

Best run? One of my favorite runs was the informal Turkey Trot organized by Beth. New friends and chocolate at the end! I also loved a very short run I did before I started this blog. It had poured for two days and I decided I wanted to run around the Reservoir. It wasn't raining, but there were giant puddles throughout the entire path. It was more of a puddle jumping run than anything, and it was SO fun. 

Best new piece of gear? My Brooks shoes! 

blurry then focused shot of my Brooks... I'm an artist.
Since getting them I have had no arch pain whatsoever. I ran Grete's Great Gallop with pain that got worse and worse as the miles accumulated. Running with no pain has felt miraculous. Huge thanks to Jess of Race Pace Wellness and Fit Chick in the City for telling me that I had to get new shoes. Pain-free, yay!!

Best piece of running advice you received? Since I only started this blog this year and didn't have a chance to include it before, I have to say the best advice I received was from my trainer, Amanda, when I started working with her in August 2011. She told me that I was capable of running and that I should be running. I can't imagine not having running in my life now, and I wouldn't have that without her advice.

Most inspirational runner? Without a doubt, Abby. She ran a Boston Qualifying time at the Philadelphia Marathon of 3:33:29 in her first marathon. What is most inspiring to me about Abby, though, is that she only started running three years ago! Since I am also relatively new to running

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Special and opening. "Special" because how many years can you become aware of something you love? And "opening" because I opened myself up to a lot of new activities and people and it has been so rewarding. 

With all that said, I am now so excited for 2013. I have bigger goals and cannot wait to push myself and see what my limits really are. 

How has your 2012 been? Are you excited for 2013?


  1. You're SO sweet, Jen! Thank you for including me in this post! I can't wait to run with you on Sunday and see you reach your new running goals!!!

  2. I love this idea and I love all of your responses. Again, thank you for letting me be a part of your 2012 running year!

  3. Thanks for linking up! You had an awesome year. Congrats on your first half marathon! And good shoes makes such a difference. I'm still experimenting a bit to see what my body likes best. Have a great holiday!

    1. Thanks, Laura! It's true, good shoes make a HUGE difference. Happy holidays!!