Monday, November 26, 2012

New Year's Eve Half-Marathon

Well, the title kind of says it all. I'm running another half-marathon! I've already signed up for one in the spring and entered two other lotteries, but they're so far away that they seem nonexistent. 
there's a marathon and a half-marathon, but the half didn't get a banner
(and yes, I know, you're so jealous of my paint skillz)
When I saw that there was a half-marathon close to my hometown on New Year's Eve, I got extremely excited. I'm going home for an entire month over the holiday break because I am so rarely home and I don't know the next time I'll have an opportunity to spend so much quality, uninterrupted time with my family. 

I ran a race last time I was home, but running a half-marathon is a much bigger event, especially since it'll only be my second half-marathon. I loved the idea of running one in Washington so that my family could cheer me on. Almost equally cool is the fact that I'll close out 2012 doing something that I realized I loved this year. 

My training plan

The numbers roughly correspond to day of the week (i.e. 1 = Monday), but I may mix things up because of the weather or a busy schedule, which is why I wanted to use numbers rather than days of the week.

The speed work is going to be very important to me. The first speed workout will definitely be intervals of some kind and then the second may be closer to a tempo run -- something with a more consistent pace, but really focusing on speed. Last time, I only concentrated on distance. This time, I want to make speed the emphasis. 

The truth is, though, if this doesn't happen exactly according to plan, I'm not going to be that bummed. I have several big projects coming up and I'll be home for 10 days before the half, so I just want to do my best in the half-marathon. If I end up with a worse time than at my first half, it'll be fine. The big goal is just to run another half-marathon with my family there to see me doing something I love to conclude this year on the highest note possible.

Are you running any longer races before the end of 2012?


  1. That's awesome that you'll have family there for this one. My girlfriend, mom and a friend were at mine... That totally got me through the last two miles - I was cramping up so bad. But I knew they were there waiting for me and cheering me on.

    Have fun! You're gonna crush it!

    1. Having my boyfriend (and our dog!) cheering me on at three places in my first half was huge. I'm hoping my family can spread out or drive from spot to spot so I can see them more than once or twice (it's an out and back).