Monday, November 19, 2012

Feeling rejuvenated!

Weekend update: feeling rejuvenated!
I love having a weekend full of friends and fitness. I posted on Friday that I'd been feeling a bit out of it workout-wise, but I've this weekend left feeling magically rejuvenated for this week. I guess a few good sweat sessions can do that for you! It also helps that I've been concentrating on getting more sleep and felt totally inspired by the Philly Marathon runners.

After taking a Refine Method class with Dori on Saturday, I also ran 4 miles in Central Park. It was a gorgeous day and I ran along the Reservoir then down the Central Park loop to the 72nd Street Transverse so I could cross by the Bethesda Fountain before turning left and running up Cat Hill. I got back onto the Reservoir running path so that I could see the gorgeous west side skyline to finish the run.

this is an old pic from a Riverside Park run, but my phone's camera isn't working right now so I didn't have any pretty run pics this time! 

Sunday I met up with Lynette and we headed down the run path in Riverside Park. We got to Chelsea Piers but at that point Lynette's knee had started hurting so much that we both agreed it wasn't safe to continue. She headed home to nurse her knee and I turned around and ran home for a total of 8 miles. My longest run since my half-marathon! It was chilly, but another clear sunny day. Lately it feels like a crime not to run in such beautiful weather, especially after a summer where leaving my apartment for a run meant I'd come back looking like I'd just showered in sweat (too graphic? sorry, I don't just sweat too much, I share too much).

After Sunday's run, I had fun meeting up with Run Book Club for the second time (organized by Jess of Fit Chick in the City) to discuss Drop Dead Healthy, which is a fun memoir of one man's quest to be the Healthiest Person Ever for two years. It's a good airplane read if you're interested in health!

I also saw Anna Karenina with a friend and we both liked it a lot. The film is set in a theater, so a lot of it is very stylized and choreographed, but it made it more interesting than the typical historical book-to-film adaptation. I've read Anna Karenina and my friend hadn't, but we both enjoyed the film so I don't think you need to get through several hundred pages of Tolstoy in order to see the movie. I love seeing the movies that will likely be up for best picture at the Oscars. I've already seen Argo, and really want to see Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, and Life of Pi (also The Hobbit and Les Miserables, but those aren't coming out until December).

Goals for this week
I haven't posted workout goals in a while, but since I am all excited about working out again, here's what I'm going to aim for this week!
• 1 spin session
• 3 strength training workouts
• 3 runs for at least 15 miles
• 2-3 yoga practices (class or video)

What are your fitness goals for this week? Have you seen any of the likely-awards contending movies?

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