Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Fall Fitness Itinerary

Now that I've run my half-marathon, I am currently lacking in fitness goals. Sure, I want to do speedwork so that I can break a 2 hour time and yes, doing a pull-up has always been something I want to be able to do, but there's currently no date circled in red on my calendar for some big fitness goal I'm working toward. Now is the perfect time to try out some new studios!

My rest week pre-half-marathon left me itching to get back into the studios I love, so I'm already going to Physique 57 and Pedal NYC this week, after trying Refine Method Monday night at a class organized by Dori at their brand new Upper West Side location. (Refine was great, but I just couldn't put 100% into it because it was the day after my half-marathon, so I want to go back before I write a review.)

Along with taking another Refine Method class, here are a few of the other studios I'm excited to try in addition to my first loves (Uplift Studios, Strala Yoga, and Physique 57). Think of it as my "Fall Fitness Itinerary."

SurfSet Fitness
You do a workout on a surfboard that's attached to these inflated rubber disks that create rolls like waves. Apparently it's a killer core workout, and as someone who rarely feels like my core gets worked enough since it's never sore, I think this might just be the cure.


Also, SURFING! I want to learn so much and I've heard SurfSet makes learning how to surf easier. Given my horrible balance, I'll need all the help I can get, so this would be a perfect baby step. Sadly they're on tour for a while and won't be back in NYC until November.

Chaise 23

New clients get 3 classes for $33 in October! This is another boutique studio that has an innovative tool they're using, only this one is totally unexpected -- a chair!
All of the exercises are centered around the chair. A friend tried it and said it worked her core really well, and I am all over extra core work, so I'm looking forward to trying this place out!

Barry's Bootcamp
A celebrity favorite, I haven't tried Barry's out yet but I've been dying to after hearing raves from several friends. Supposedly it's an absolutely killer workout that leaves you dead by the end. So basically I have to do it. When did I become such a masochistic sweataholic???
Classes are interval-based utilizing cardio on the treadmill and strength-training on the other side of the room. Different days focus on different areas of the body, and there are a few "all over" days, too.

Flywheel Sports and FlyBarre
I can be a tad bit competitive, so I love the idea of pushing yourself via the torqueboard at Flywheel. (The spin classes give you the option of having your speed, RPM, etc. up on a board so that you can "race" others in class.) I've also heard great things about FlyBarre from people online, so I need to see how it compares to my current favorite barre studio, Physique 57.
Love the stadium-style seating!

FlyWheel's rival (and the original boutique cycling cult). I might go just to buy a grapefruit candle, which they're famed for, since I love me some grapefruit scent.

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